London-based musician & producer Vraell shares poignant new EP ‘Walls’ today, listen in full now

November 3, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Out now, London-based musician and producer Vraell has released his newest EP Walls through Nettwerk, featuring singles ‘Lull (feat. Rosie H Sullivan)’, ‘Between’, ‘Apparitions‘, and ‘Dominoes’.

In a world that often feels as though it’s spinning out of control, Vraell offers small moments of calm. Real name Alessio Scozzaro, he’s an artist who revels in intimacy, the purity of his instincts matched to sublime aspects of emotional connection. His EP Walls finds the composer going back to basics – using his well-loved classical guitar, smatterings of electronic production and a thirst for melody, he’s able to construct entire sonic landscapes. A universe to lose yourself in, Vraell is constructing something that will last.

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Since this year Vraell’s been rapidly and organically building up an online audience for his poignant, ethereal sounds – songs such as ‘Lull‘ and ‘Between‘ have recently become viral sensations. His music has been used by the likes of La Liga, BMW, Japanese fashion brand Hues Fukuoka, and BBC Earth in the last few months.

Walls finds Vraell coming to terms with his stature and popularity, digging back into his creative bedrock in order to emerge renewed and replenished. A work of quiet, pensive beauty, it represents a bold new chapter in his life. “I want to create a body of work with a sound that I’m proud of; one that connects with people. I’m taking it one project at a time. I want to give people a bit of breathing space. Everything moves so quickly nowadays – I want to counteract that.”

In a way, it’s a reaction to the online rush that followed his viral breakthrough. Taking stock, Vraell moved away from the hype, from the rush of numbers on his screen. “When you release, you’re swamped by data and metrics. And I needed time to separate that out from my art,” he says. “I’ve taken it back to basics.”

Working with a purity of intent, Vraell embraced the visual aspects of his work. Drawn to areas of transition – the dipping light of evening, the emerging brightness of a sunrise – he’s also heavily influenced by a love of film, and in particular gaming. “I always need visual stimuli to help inspire me,” he notes. “I’m visually led, in terms of writing. There’s a filmic element to my process, and I enjoy that.”

The track ‘Lull’ is the sound of someone wiping the slate clean. Joined by an enigmatic yet striking vocal from Scottish singer-songwriter Rosie H Sullivan, the song emerged from a period of obsessively listening to modern piano music, citing composers such as Jon Hopkins and Olafur Arnalds as key points of inspiration. “I want to do that, but on guitar,” he says. “It’s allowed me to become more focused. I feel like I’ve re-established my foundation.” The song emerged during a visit to Paris in Christmas 2021, spending time with his girlfriend’s family. “Walking around Paris, there is a certain romanticism about it,” he says. “I love Paris on those winter mornings, when the cold sun moves across the city. Everywhere you look could be a painting.”

Vraell – Lull Ft. Rosie H Sullivan [Official Visualiser]:

There’s an incredible intimacy to Vraell’s new EP. Stripped back and as raw as it can possibly get, his gift with melody conjures a very real form of conversation between artist and audience. Not only what he records, but where he records is integral to his sound. “I record in every part of my house, getting the sound of the floorboards on the record. I want to get the sound of piano keys on the song, or someone’s foot on the pedal. I want to create soundscapes where you can hear all those tiny details.” Citing songwriters and producers such as Hania RaniJose Gonzalez and Ry X as influences on his work, Vraell seeks to blend organic textures with electronic production. “I think the mood and the emotion of a record is really important to me. I know I’ve made something I’m proud of when I’m able to communicate an emotion.”

Potent and atmospheric, Walls may just be the best thing Vraell’s released to date – and it’s only the start of his journey. “It’s my attempt to make sense of where I was at the time,” he says. “This is an amalgamation of everything I was feeling, everything I was listening to. I needed a lot of grounding. Music really helped me – and I want my work to do that for other people.”

Vraell will be on tour with Rosie H Sullivan starting this week, full list of dates below:

4th Nov – Inverness, UK @ The Tooth & Claw [Tix]

5th Nov – Edinburgh, UK @ Voodoo Rooms [Tix]

7th Nov – Brighton, UK @ Hope & Ruin [Tix]

8th Nov – London, UK @ The Grace [Tix]

Walls EP [tracklisting]:
1. Lull
2. Apparitions
3. Dominoes
4. Pedestal
5. Between
6. Glimpse
7. Walls