London-Based Contemporary Soul Singer MEGA To Release ‘Colour My World’ EP July 1 (Via Nettwerk)

May 20, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

Today, rising contemporary soul singer Mega shares the new single “All Day Long” from Colour Your World EP (out July 1via Nettwerk).

Taking sonic inferences from her Ugandan heritage, “All Day Long” is a joyous track that celebrates the happiness of meaningful connections. About the track, Mega says,“‘All Day Long’ is about having that person in your life whom you can be your complete self with, and your relationship with them makes you feel safe and secure, whether that be a partner, friend or anyone. Having them in your life makes life so much more enjoyable and meaningful. When you are together, nothing else matters.”

The Colour Your World EP isa collection of expansive, explorative, and empowering songs that document the singer’s journey through self-acceptance, growth, and healing. Speaking about the EP, she says, “life is so full of surprises and the unexpected, and it can be so difficult to navigate sometimes. I’ve called my EP ‘Colour Your World’ as color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live; it can influence thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. I see color as my perspective, and this EP reminds me of how important my perspective is to myself and my abilities. I hope this EP can empower people as much as creating it has empowered me.”

Having started her career singing in choirs in her native North London, Mega cemented herself as one of the strongest and most mesmeric voices in London’s contemporary soul scene. After being selected as a finalist in MOBOs UnSung’s rising talent competition, her debut single “Chariot” proved instantly impactful, amassing over 12 million combined streams and counting. Her 2020 debut EP Future Me saw support across the board from the likes of BBC Radio 1, BRITs Sunday Spotlight, NME, Notion, The Independent, CLASH, Mahogany, Wonderland, and more, and earlier this year, she performeda sold-out headline show at London’s The Grace.

Mega writes in the vein of her musical inspirations, including Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, and Nina Simone: from a place of heartbreaking honesty, something that she took when she lost her voice for two years. She had promised herself that when she could sing again, she vowed to be as vulnerable and honest as she could with her music to say something truly important. “That period of my life taught me to be as present and appreciative as possible, and I feel like I try to do that in the music that I put out. I’m just happy I can even sing.”

Inspired by her Ugandan heritage, Mega’s music intertwines influences like Afrigo Band with the powerful songstresses that inspire her lyrics. Whether her tracks are acoustic or more heavily instrumented, her focus is on the vocals, with the music taking its lead from her achingly honest lyricism. She carefully transforms these hefty topics into relatable and emotive remedies by exploring themes of self-esteem, self-love, and growth.

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