Lofi Producer & Prolific Pianist Smile High Shares ‘Snack Pack’ LP with Horace Bray & Teddy Roxpin

April 10, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, lofi producer and piano savant Smile High, shares his Nettwerk debut album Snack Pack, in collaboration with Horace Bray and Teddy Roxpin. Smile High is the solo project of Ben “Smiley” Silverstein, who some may know as the keyboardist of funk/soul/rock band The Main Squeeze.

The uplifting Snack Pack sees the trio blending chillhop beats with jazztronica elements, boom-bap leanings with lofi grooves, and plenty of guitar riffs in between. Background vocals from NYC singer Alita Moses are sprinkled throughout to finish off a tasty project guaranteed to boost your mood.

Snack Pack,” shares Smiley, “is a feel good collaborative project between friends. [It] was made in a comfortable environment where we didn’t think too hard and just had fun making music together.  It’s meant to be enjoyed in a similar setting…. While all [of us] have a background in releasing lofi type music, the boundaries were pushed on this project to stand out from the rest and to be a bit more interesting than typical lofi.”

Snack Pack is available at digital retailers here: https://smilehigh.ffm.to/snackpack

Snack Pack Tracklist

01. Between The Silence

02. Side Step

03. Wind Advisory

04. Leapyear

05. Interlude

06. Group Hug

07. From The Mountain

08. There It Is

Album Art | Download HERE