December 2, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, New York-based producer and lofi craftsman Chris Mazuera shares his latest album, the ten-track Let’s Take A Trip via Nettwerk. The multi-instrumentalist released six singles leading up to the project, which received adds to Spotify’s chill lofi study beats playlist and Apple Music editorials such as ‘SLEEP’ and ‘LoFi Jazz – Global.’

Mazuera is most known for his collaborative work, but Let’s Take a Trip is a solo album through and through. The project highlights not only his guitar skills but his beat making abilities, ranging from old-school boom-bap to more melodic, guitar-driven jazzhop. 

“The album represents to me the musical growth that I’ve had,” says Mazuera, “more specifically in the last two years. I’ve learned better how to mold together all my different influences into a sound that’s more uniquely mine.”

The project’s emphasis on guitar solos is personal to Mazuera, calling back to his musical introduction to New York City. “I would busk in Grand Central soloing over the blues for hours,” he recalls.

From start to finish, Let’s Take A Trip truly is a trip. Find the project at digital retailers here: https://chrismazuera.ffm.to/letstakeatrip.

Let’s Take A Trip Tracklist

01. Learning Curve

02. Inspiration 

03. Disconnected 

04. Untitled Pt.1! 

05. Woozy 

06. Dirti 

07. Stumble 

08. Drifting 

09. Sonria 

10. Roots

Photo Credit: Quinn Ryan | Download HERE


From rock bands to hip-hop, Chris Mazuera has done a little bit of everything and brings all of it into his unique style. A lover of music from a young age, Chris started his musical journey early by playing guitar for local bands in Miami. Ready to familiarize himself with the industry, Chris moved to New York City and began working with local producers in hip-hop and lo-fi. Energized by both the musical process and the ability to make entire tracks on his own in the genre, Chris released his first album Monstera in 2018. From then on, Chris’ career has focused on collaboration and innovation across genres. Before Nettwerk, his work was released with several labels like Lofi Girl and Chillhop. He’s also produced for several artists such as FELIVAND, Nafets, Jessica Domingo, and Habe. He wears his inspirations on his sleeve, taking insights from a diversity of artists and bringing them all together into an eclectically unforgettable production style.