Lofi/Chillhop Artist Fletcher Reed Announces ‘Dream Better’ Album

October 28, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Fletcher Reed has taken little time to rest in the second half of 2022. In August, the Amsterdam-based American music producer released a five-track EP entitled Bedtime Covers (HERE). He followed that up with a September collaborative EP with lo-fi duo PANTōNE VU entitled plainpaperplane (HERE).

But Reed isn’t finished yet. Today, he announces his upcoming project Dream Better via Nettwerk Music Group, which brings his tally of projects released in 2022 to a whopping six.

Dream Better boasts a multitude of instruments, all meticulously crafted and layered to form an orchestra of pure bliss and immersion. Reed instructs his listeners to “breathe out a sigh of relief, and take a second to appreciate the night sky that stretches out majestically and endlessly. Somewhere in the distance, you are counting sheep and gently drifting off to sleep. In our rest, it’s these moments that make the journey when we are awake, all worthwhile.”

Along with the album announcement, Reed shares a new single entitled ‘Fading Nights.’ The track has a heavenly feel from start to finish, starring docile piano chords and guitar plucking with a side of atmospheric twinkling percussion and synths that fade in and out like waves crashing on a beach.

“Piano driven and melancholic, it’s a lofi lullaby full of dreamy layers and lush textures and woozy guitars,” Reed shares. “As the title implies, this one is recommended for the evening. One to help you drift away and sleep.”

‘Fading Nights’ is available at all digital retailers here: https://fletcherreed.ffm.to/fadingnights

Dream Better Tracklist:
01. Ezi & Niza
02. Interestingly Enough
03. Clouded Room
04. Moonwaves
05. Misophonia
06. Aprés
07. Fading Nights
08. Ristretto
09. Non-Normal
Photo courtesy of Nettwerk | Download HERE 


Fletcher Reed, the nom de plume of the Amsterdam-based American music producer Andrew Smith, grew up learning various instruments and playing in different bands at an early age. A few years back, he and a friend took off for Zimbabwe, their first destination on what would become a mostly non-stop journey across several continents for two years. While the trip would influence his perception of the world and its people and cultures, another very specific inspiration revealed itself. Reed’s instrumentals are injected with a specific sense of place and geographic spirit to represent the worldly appreciation he developed while traveling. With the release date for his next project already fast approaching, Fletcher Reed is sure to be a major landmark on the instrumental music map with his consistency and attention to detail.