Lo-fi Composer Oatmello Announces ‘Sanctuary,’ Debut LP with Nettwerk

September 23, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Portland-based producer and multi-faceted creative Oatmello announces his new album Sanctuary. The 15-track project marks his first LP release with Nettwerk.

Today, Oatmello releases “Each Moment More Than the Last,” the latest single from the forthcoming full-length. Similar to previous releases from the album, the single corresponds to a specific mood and memory.

“Drinking a hoppy beer in the late summer,” he describes, “sitting in the backyard, putting your leg on another chair, and enjoying the sunset. The trees are moving slightly in the breeze. Even the simplest moments can be the best and the most profound.”

One of the first Lofi artists to gain traction on Soundcloud and develop the sound of the genre today, Oatmello blends elements of jazz, ambient, hip hop, and electronic into a dream-like, introspective experience that has accumulated over 250M streams worldwide. Envisioned as an antidote to our current world of attention-demanding media, constant notifications, and building anxiety, Oatmello sees his music as a continuation of the tradition of instrumental hip-hop, which has existed for 30 years. 

Nearly every track on Sanctuary features piano as the lead instrument, which Oatmello did intentionally. The album’s tendency toward free-flowing compositions allowed Oatmello to put his piano-playing talents on center stage.

“When coming up with the concept of the album from a musical standpoint, I reflected on the lofi albums which I enjoy the most and the ones that have stood the test of time,” he shares. “The commonality is that they rely on a solo instrumentation (whether that is guitar or piano or synth), along with a sense of minimalism to the production.“

“Each Moment More Than The Last” is available at digital retailers here:

Single Artwork | Download HERE

01. Wo Ai Ni
02. Community
03. You and I Will Always Be
04. Watercolors
05. Lucid Dream
06. Thicket
07. Twenty Bucks
08. A Future Vision
09. All Beings United
10. Each Moment More Than the Last
11. Telekinetic
12. Best to Find a Way
13. Goodbyes
14. Simplicity
15. Alice and the Sea