December 2, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Aesthetic Sounds announces their second album Mood Boards, following up their self-titled debut LP released in April (HERE). The Aesthetic Sounds project focuses on vibe-heavy beats and has already earned nearly a million usages on TikTok. 

“I use mood boards a lot when I’m creating a visual arts project,” explains Aesthetic Sounds about the new album, “and I thought it would be a fun idea to base an album off of what some of my mood boards would ‘sound’ like. I was also inspired by a lot of the TikTok/IG videos that people use my music for, such as painting videos, short daily vlogs, and fun tutorials. The interplay between visuals, experience, and music has always been interesting to me, and I think instrumentals work especially well for that.”

Today, Aesthetic Sounds shares ‘Rainy Days,’ the fourth single from Mood Boards. Second single ‘Falling Asleep’ (HERE) was added to Spotify’s lofi + chill editorial playlist and third single ‘Learning to Paint’ (HERE) scored placements on QUB Musique’s ACCUEIL & ÉLECTRO playlists.

“A very simple, straightforward lofi beat,” the artist says of ‘Rainy Days,’ “with a jazzy progression and smooth baseline. I really like the simplicity and minimalism with this track, since I’m usually tempted to add dozens of layers and fill out the whole sphere of sound. I imagine this playing on a rainy day as I walk outside with an umbrella or stare out the window.”

“Rainy Days” is available at all digital retailers here: https://aestheticsounds.ffm.to/rainydays

Mood Boards tracklist

01. Nocturne Beat

02. Falling Asleep

03. Learning to Paint

04. Rainy Days

05. Afternoon Stroll

06. Fall

07. All Good

Photo Courtesy: Nettwerk Music Group | Download HERE


Aesthetic Sounds is a project focusing on making the best-sounding, most vibe-heavy beats possible. In a perfect world, these sounds become a part of people’s lives and the way people express themselves online, due to the adaptability of the tracks and their ability to enhance the mood of pretty much anything.