Linying Shares New Song + Video “Tall Order”

May 15, 2018 BY Nettwerk

“Poetic with earthy imagery and lush instrumentals.” – Billboard
“Bob thinks she has a sound like Bon Iver.” – NPR
“Delicate, spacious pop is free to roam.” – DIY Magazine

Meet Linying. The Singaporean singer-songwriter turned global upstart first garnered notice with features alongside European house music titans (Felix Jaehn, KRONO), leading to a #1 on Hype Machine and over 10 million plays on Spotify. She then began her solo ascent, with the release of her tender debut single “Sticky Leaves,”  which landed on Spotify’s viral charts globally and earned over 5 million streams, as well as a synch on Netflix’s Terrace House. Her debut EP Paris 12 followed at the tail end of 2016.

Today, Linying returns with the first single of her second act, “Tall Order.” Further showcasing her unique blend of poignant, emotive electronic-folk pop, the song finds Linying unraveling. Over churning, trip-hop tinged production, the rising star turns the focus inward on her own past behavior, belting in earnest on the honest hook: “Make me covered in color, so I can start looking insane, make me taller of an order, so I can feel vivid again, take me further and further, and find me something to say.” 



“The song is about seeing yourself deteriorate. It’s like being half-asleep and half-assing everything for a long time, and all of a sudden waking up — you see yourself in a different light and realise that without knowing it, you’ve become a lousy shell of a person: the kind who complains about little things and lies to themselves and evades hard questions,” she says. “‘Tall Order’ was me realising that about myself. I wondered if I was struggling with the menial things because it was all I’d been tasked with; that maybe if I was given a higher purpose, taller of an order, I’d be able to prove myself better — but of course, that’s just an excuse. I’m just throwing a tantrum.”