Linying Searches For “Faith” On New Single // Debut Album There Could Be Wreckage Here Set For Release January 14

October 19, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Today, critically acclaimed Singaporean singer and songwriter Linying unveils a new single and visualiser entitled “Faith.” Additionally, it sets the stage for the arrival of her anticipated full-length debut album, There Could Be Wreckage Here, on January 14, 2022. 
Co-written in Melbourne with producer Tentendo and songwriter Lanks with additional production by Melbourne-based Rob Amoruso and London-based Myriot, “Faith” showcases layers of glitchy production brush up against ethereal keys as Linying’s delicate vocals echo. This momentum gracefully builds towards a hypnotic personal affirmation, “I want a little faith in me.” The accompanying visuaIiser by Zach Bell mirrors the track’s delicate ebb and flow with handcrafted animation, integrating fine art and fairytale motifs seamlessly in a near picture-perfect representation of the melodies and lyrics. Balancing anxiety and ascendancy, she reckons and wrestles with unsure feelings through subtle delivery and eloquent songcraft.

Of the song, Linying comments, “I’ve always had trouble with predestination. I think we have so small a degree of agency and control over our circumstances, our lives and ourselves, and so the notions of penance and salvation and consequence are really frustrating to me. I wrote ‘Faith’ in a moment of discouragement, wishing I could have that kind of goodness and belief in me.” 
However, it only opens the doorway to There Could Be Wreckage Here. These eight tracks showcase the depth of her introspective and inviting sonic vision.
She adds, “In this collection of songs, I mourn the loss of my excitable self, once so enamoured with the idea of falling in love because it seemed like the most magical thing that could happen in my uneventful life. In its place now are fear reflexes and defense mechanisms, and they do nothing but dull the brilliance that should follow an experience as extraordinary and beautiful. I really want to bask in the glow, but there could be total wreckage here, and it stresses the hell out of me.” 
Linying has paved the way for There Could Be Wreckage Here with a series of buzzworthy singles including “Daylight Blows Into One Door” and most recently, “Springtime,” which NME described as “wistful.” Meanwhile, she teamed up with Birds of Paradise to create her very own gelato flavor inspired by the song. 

Linying was also heard in her collaboration with producer evanturetime for the writing, composition, and production of Singapore’s 2021 National Day theme song, “The Road Ahead.” She performed the track alongside fellow Singaporean artists, Sezairi, Shye, and Shabir.
Be on the lookout for more from Linying soon.
Singaporean singer-songwriter Linying’s confessional writing style is vivid and vulnerable, with NPR’s very own Bob Boilen likening her to the American indie-folk band Bon Iver. Before being recognised for her own music, Linying first turned heads in the EDM world as a topliner, featuring on tracks with DJs Felix Jaehn and Lost Frequencies. These songs amassed over 100 million streams online and were performed at renowned music festivals across the globe, from Coachella to Lollapalooza, catapulting her into the spotlight.
Linying released her debut single Sticky Leaves soon after and successfully charted in Spotify’s Global, US, and UK Viral 50 — a first for a Singaporean artist. This landed her a spot on Spotify Asia’s list of 25 Most Influential Artists Under 25.
Her debut EP, Paris 12, was released in September 2016 to critical and widespread acclaim with recognition from the likes of media outlets BBC Radio 1 and Billboard, singer Troye Sivan, and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. It was clear that Linying’s music organically appealed to a diverse and passionate audience. 
This was mirrored in her live shows. The versatility of her sound took her to the big stages of Summer Sonic Japan and Bigsound Music Festival Australia, and even more intimate, iconic venues like The Standard in New York City and Camden Assembly in London.
Five years on, her music continues to resonate with listeners worldwide and has featured on HBO’s Industry and Netflix’s Terrace House. With collaborators Myriot (Halsey, Aurora) and Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) onboard her upcoming EP, Linying is set to bring music from Asia to new shores.