Linying Reveals New Project Doris Club; Shares “The Sleeper and The Bed” Single + Announces Debut LP

February 9, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo


LA-via-Singapore artist Linying reveals her new artist project under the moniker Doris Club. The unveiling is accompanied by her single “The Sleeper and The Bed” single (co-written and co-produced with Rob McCurdy of Noise Club), along with the announcement of her forthcoming debut album There’s Still Time out March 22nd via Nettwerk. In addition, Doris Club has shared a live performance video of the track “Wake Up (If I Was God),” a tender piano rendition filmed at the renowned Village Studios in Los Angeles.

The record includes production assists from Jordan Blackmon (Toro Y Moi, Leon Bridges) and Josh Wei (Rachel Platten, Stray Kids), along with co-writes from folk artist Field Medic and producer Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie).

Doris Club’s origin lies within the touching tribute to her ailing mother who has been living with trigeminal neuralgia for several decades. While Linying’s recently released 2023 EP House Mouse follows her intuition toward a kaleidoscopic form of dream-pop, the Doris Club venture, however, centers around a collective of songs that serves as an expansive but patient journey of experimental and lush sonic surfaces reflected in her affinity towards 1960’s jazz, pop, and folk.

Doris Club’s tender lilt backed by a delicate fingerpicked guitar and touch of rich textures, illustrates a sense of grief and sorrow on the folk-y pop effort. “The Sleeper and The Bed” is an all-encompassing tale of heartache with lyrics “Do you know you make me so afraid? / Can we talk like I see you doing with your demons? / I know them all by name” signaling Doris Club’s distressing exchange with her brother.

Doris Club shares this of her new single,

“‘The Sleeper and the Bed’ details the heartbreak I felt watching my family disintegrate before my eyes. Pulled in multiple directions, neither option a painless one, I found myself wishing desperately that I’d had more time.”

A flair for visual storytelling is established on the forthcoming There’s Still Time, which is a poetic collection of pensive, melodic pieces that lovingly orbit around every existential lesson she’s learned from her mother (her name written into the artist’s moniker) about love, uncertainty, and surrender. The duality of the record is sonically divided in half, with the first half that brings upon an uplifting exploration of emotions and the second half, shifting into a more personal, sprawling, and philosophical account. Earnestly intimate, danceable in many ways, and driven by life’s themes of ambiguity, confusion, and positivity that are explored through the lens of an intuitive daughter trying to make sense of it all, There’s Still Time is rooted with honesty and grief, yet its shimmering undertones guide listeners back to a place of vast promise and wide-eyed optimism.

The Sleeper and The Bed” is available at all digital retailers here:

“Wake Up (If I Was God)” live performance video available here:

Pre-save There’s Still Time LP here:

There’s Still Time Tracklisting:
1. Wake Up (If I Was God)
2. The Movie
3. The Sea, The Ocean
4. Oh No! (Part I)
5. Oh No! (Part II)
6. Seraphina
7. The Sleeper and The Bed
8. 80 Mile Sunrise
9. The Greatest Prize
10. Born Good
11. Lily, There’s Still Time