Lily Kershaw Debuts Provocative “Miss America” Music Video

November 7, 2016 BY Nettwerk

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Lily Kershaw returns with “Miss America,” the title track from her forthcoming sophomore album, out Spring 2017. “Miss America” is a modern protest song from a young woman who, like many others, is frustrated with the state of affairs in our country. In addition to the song, Lily has released a provocative and poignant music video. 



Lily took to Medium to express her thoughts around both the song and video for “Miss America.”  She writes, “I wrote ‘Miss America’ alone in my bedroom, feeling tired, unheard, and misrepresented. The people who are in the majority of making decisions about life here in this country are missing the mark, and I was left missing what America stood for.”  Read Lily’s full entry here: