LEISURE Share “Spark It Up” From Upcoming EP ‘Side A’ (Out October 30)

August 14, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Acclaimed New Zealand five-piece LEISURE have announced details of their upcoming EP SIDE A (out October 30 via Nettwerk Records). With the news, the band also shares the second track off the new project, “Spark It Up.”

Harnessing a mellow, blissed-out vibe from the offset, “Spark It Up” pairs downbeat, psychedelic guitars with the most soothing of vocals. Speaking with Ladygunn, the band says, “‘at the time we had been away from our partners and families for quite a while, so we were all feeling pretty sentimental. That kind of space can often give you the freedom to reflect on a situation that can be hard to do while you’re deep in the routine of it. Although he didn’t tell us at the time, Josh had found out his wife was pregnant while we were away so he had a lot to process and I guess draw from. But the song is really us using our space away from our lives to reflect on what we appreciated about situations back home as well as what we could improve on.”

The five members – and mates – are award-winning songwriters, producers, and creatives. 2020’s Side A EP marks the latest chapter in their journey. While lyrics explore the nuances of romance and relationships, their sound pulls from influences as broad as Japanese city pop to Bill Withers. With years of experience between them, they draw on their individual strengths to hone every aspect of their sound and image. Everything’s underpinned by their genuine friendship and democratic writing process, ensuring LEISURE consistently delivers a steady stream of good vibes to soundtrack your lazy Sundays. After all, life in the slow lane has legs.

Track List:

  1. Slipping Away
  2. Lonely Nights
  3. Eye 2 Eye
  4. Spark It Up
  5. Beautiful