LEISURE Album Out Now; Watch Official Music Video For “Man”

July 25, 2019 BY Nettwerk


“LEISURE’s creativity oozes all over the place with ‘On My Mind'” – High Snobiety
“Tight harmonies, silky synths, and a woozy, poolside vibe mean we’ve been sticking it on repeat big time here.” – Wonderland
“Mean groove, melodies, and no f**king around. The three principles of Auckland based band and collective, LEISURE.” – Dummy Mag
“LEISURE is a non-traditional band of the new age. Their inspirations are widespread – they range from psychedelic rock, funk… and early 2000s trippy dance.” – NOISEY


Critically acclaimed New Zealand band LEISURE deliver their much-awaited second album, TWISTER.

TWISTER is a freeform exploration into pop psychedelia, smooth R&B and big room modern soul music. In celebration, LEISURE share the official music video for latest single “Man.” “Man” boasts a steady, funk-laden beat and serenading lyrics, “Let me be your man now.”  With the single, the band have also shared the official music video.

Over the course of creating TWISTER, LEISURE rented out various Airbnb apartments in far-flung corners of their native New Zealand – a sun-soaked villa perched atop the Pacific Ocean, a house nestled in a jagged mountain range and a makeshift recording studio in Auckland’s suburbia, to record their album.

TWISTER is naturally spiked with their signature smooth tones, which they have juxtaposed with lyrics tracing the anxieties plaguing modern life. The 14-track LP announces itself with the potent funk of “Feeling Free” – a track that’s blissed-out, pop-rock vibe immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album.

We make our favorite things when we become creatively unconscious and surrender to the moment, ‘TWISTER’ was a good opportunity for us to explore ideas to their deepest level…” says LEISURE. “We took turns as the album took shape to fall in love with each song and the process of how each one was made. To land with an eclectic collection of 14 songs; each swirling with their own mood and color has been an immersive experience for us.”

Throughout 2019, the band released a steady stream of tracks from the album as singles: the sun-soaked “Too Much Of A Good Thing,” the bouncy melodies of “Easy Way Out,” the  jazz-inspired “Falling,” the vivid guitar licks of “On My Mind.”

LEISURE first gained attention in 2015 with their debut single “Got It Bad,” which went viral on release, with 16 million+ Spotify streams to date, adding to over 75 million total streams.

An extensive, highly polished array of tracks, TWISTER represents the next exciting chapter in the story of LEISURE – a collective who time and time again prove their finely tuned ability when it comes to crafting infectious, groove-laden pop music.

Track List:

  1. Feeling Free
  2. Too Much of A Good Thing
  3. Man
  4. The Hype
  5. Easy Way Out
  6. Falling
  7. Money
  8. On My Mind
  9. Someone Like You
  10. Ultra Violet Light
  11. Tied Up
  12. Running
  13. Lovers Maze
  14. Alone Together

For more information, please visit https://smarturl.it/LEISURETWISTER.