Lawson Hull Shares Dreamy New EP ‘Hangin’ Out With Cowboys’; Watch “Girl” Music Video

August 30, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Australian artist Lawson Hull has unveiled his new EP Hangin’ Out With Cowboys via Nettwerk Records and it is available at digital retailers HERE. The six-song release sees Hull giving his music a sun-drenched dip into a more heartland rock realm, channeling the likes of Tom Petty as well as contemporaries like Kevin Morby. The evolution feels fitting given the project title. “I got the title from hanging out with some friends who have cowboy style but live in the city. Stories started popping in my head with a little bit of a western twist,” says Hull.

Lawson’s theme for the EP was introduced with early singles “Mexico” and “Cowboys,” with the latter comparing the loneliness of being a freewheeling, working musician with that of a cowboy, alone on the range. His ideas feel fully realized on “Parking Lot” and final single “Fluke,” which features wistful croons longing for fast love and the need to be on the move.

The final focus track, “Girl,” is a bittersweet ode to a relationship that was never meant to last. The accompanying video looks back on the good times with rose-colored glasses. “Being in a lockdown, of course the only person fit to play the old flame was my wife. Weirdly bittersweet, filming lovey-dovey things but knowing what the song is about.”


Hangin’ Out With Cowboys is the follow up to Lawson’s 2020 EP Dreaming is Easy, a culmination for Lawson, proof that he can step up and actualize his dreams. Lawson comments, “It’s easy to dream when you’re a kid. You just have to make those dreams come to life when you’re older.” All but one of the EP’s six songs were recorded with Sydney-based producer Billy Otto (Dreams, Eyes Like Fire) who was able to provide a cohesive sonic palette that speaks to Lawson’s atmospheric guitar playing and his love of the outdoors.

Praise For Dreaming Is Easy

“a career lifting release” – Our Culture

“utterly captivating” – Independent Music Review

“Combining folk and dream pop sounds, infused with hints of country and 70’s rock, the release feels like it could be a lost Fleetwood Mac release.” — Milky

“Sometimes all you need from a song are some intricate guitar twangs, ethereal harmonies and relatable as hell lyrics to really get you going…Fans of the likes of Iron & Wine and Damien Rice will feel at home here.” Hrmny Presents

“Fans of modern indie folk music are going to enjoy this one a great deal.” – Ear To The Ground