LA Duo Jim and Sam Announce New Album ‘Good On The Other Side’ with Nostalgic Single/Video “Like Children Do”

March 24, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Los Angeles duo Jim and Sam have announced their full-length album, Good On The Other Side, will be released May 5, 2023. They share this news with their new single “Like Children Do,” where they beautifully reminisce on the early days of their love story. Listen here:

“‘Like Children Do’ is the first objectively hopeful love song we have ever written,” they say. “It was created during a moment where we both needed to remember that at one point, not too long ago, we were just kids spending our wishes on each other.”

Good On The Other Side is comprised of 11 songs documenting the nostalgia, fear, anxiety, grief, hope and awareness surrounding the pair over the last few years, all delivered through sibling-like harmonies, intimate lyrics and unshakable melodies.

“For the past few years, we have been in a portal.  A pandemic baby, isolation, songwriting portal that seems to be leading us right back to the same room in the same apartment in the same city that we discovered each other in over thirteen years ago. Although, we’re not the same. Nothing is,” they say. “Some of these songs came quickly while others were like pulling teeth inside the short windows we had to create in.  Time exists differently in this portal. We have less of it, but it feels more important now– and we don’t take it for granted. Having a little person around all the time is a reminder that we are all little people just holding our guts in, while trying to figure out how to make the most of our lives.”

Jim and Sam introduced this new collection of work with the Space For The Stranger EP in 2022–five songs focused on their journey into becoming parents for the first time at the height of the worldwide hiatus, and the importance of leaning on one another during such a crazy and transitional time. Good On The Other Side completes this chapter as they look back at the highs, lows and everything in between. 

“The work on this record began when we found out Sam was pregnant and wrote ‘Space For The Stranger,’ and ended when we put the finishing touches on the last track, ‘Leave Los Angeles for Good This Time.’ After two years of reflecting on our time in this city, what it’s given us and what it’s taken away, we’ve decided to stay.  Looking back through the portal now from the other end… we’re beginning to finally feel ‘Good On The Other Side’… or maybe we’re only halfway through.”

  1. House on Fire
  2. Space for the Stranger
  3. Harley Davidson
  4. Rusted Sign
  5. Becoming Ghosts
  6. Good On The Other Side
  7. Somebody Right
  8. Like Children Do
  9. Therapy
  10. Leave Los Angeles for Good This Time
  11. It Takes A Lullaby

About Jim and Sam:

Jim and Sam have enchanted audiences with a series of fan favorite releases, including 2017’s This Is What’s Left EP and 2018’s Yeah Whatever Young Forever EP. Along the way, they shot After So Many Days, which chronicled a year straight of them playing one show a day for a year. Emerging as a film festival phenomenon, it took home “Best Music Documentary” at Nashville Film Festival 2020, “Audience Award” at Hell’s Half Mile Film & Music Festival 2019, “Special Jury Award” at deadCenter FF 2020, and was an “Official Selection” at over 30 film festivals including Michael Moore’s Traverse City FF 2019.