LA-based Singer-Songwriter Emily James Shares the First Chapter of ‘the aLtErNaTeS project’

September 22, 2023 BY Emma Orland

Today, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Emily James announces a new single series called the aLtErNaTeS project. The story will unfold over the course of six separate “chapters” comprised of two song pairs. Emily is proud to share “Chapter 1” of the aLtErNaTeS comprised of “I’m Not In Love” and “Who Would’ve Thought.”

The tender couple of songs represents two sides of falling in love. “I’m Not In Love” examines the hesitation and denial of one’s feelings while “Who Would’ve Thought” opens up to the fall, and accepting the vulnerability that comes with romance. Like entries in a journal, Emily’s earnest lyricism and carefully crafted arrangements evoke deep emotions of melancholy and joy.



Emily shared a message with fans elaborating on the new project: “I’m ECSTATIC to introduce you to my next project, the aLtErNaTeS… These are songs inspired by not just one single relationship, but by many relationships, from a combination of personal experiences from over the years, conversations with friends, and a touch of exaggeration here & there.

We are complicated beings, and most of the time there’s not just one emotion or reaction we have to a certain situation. Each of these chapters represents a different stage in the arc of a relationship, and the two songs in each one are the two aLtErNaTe emotions.”

Emily explains the concept behind each accompanying visual: “I wanted to depict the external and internal contrast between the two songs. “I’m Not In Love” describes more of an outward experience of falling in love; how one might present their feelings to others and create a protective shell by denying those feelings. The flowers blooming around me are meant to represent that external aspect. “Who Would’ve Thought” paints a more intimate, internal experience with the fall, which is represented by the flowers blooming inside of me.”

“I’m Not In Love” and “Who Would’ve Thought” come on the heels of Emily’s latest EP Grey, touching on a time of uncertainty in her life. The release was received to the acclaim of American Songwriter, The HoneyPop, Melodic Magazine, and more.

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“…Could she be the next Taylor Swift? We wouldn’t be surprised…”
– American Songwriter

“…an intimate fresh take on a summertime love story — meshing Emily’s eloquent songwriting, soothing voice, and warm acoustics and synths together to create a luxuriant soundscape.”
– Early Rising

“…Emily James’ storytelling unveils a signature style…”

“Artist of the Week”
– Ones to Watch

“…James explores a new realm of narrative depth with textured, ethereal pop melodies and her enchanting vocals…”

“…stunning voice and impactful lyricism…”
– Sweety High

“We’re sure that before too long, the whole world will be talking about Emily James because her talent and creativity are never-ending.”
 The Honey Pop


LA-based singer-songwriter Emily James has come a long way – both musically and geographically – since the start of her career. In her early teens, Emily began sharing her original music publicly at open mics in the New York area and, soon after, in Nashville where she would make regular trips to gig at venues throughout the Music City. She eventually went on to spend two years there, working alongside powerhouse producers Ian Fitchuk (Kacey Musgraves) and Jacquire King (Kings of Leon) to record her debut EP, the self-titled, Emily James.

After Nashville, Emily relocated to Los Angeles where she would start to self-produce from her bedroom and release a number of independent projects while also a student at UCLA. After graduating, Emily signed with Nettwerk Music Group and released her acclaimed EP, Illuminate, in July 2022, which includes standout singles “Brooklyn” and “Cannonball.”

Now with new music on the horizon, Emily James continues to prove her range and versatility as an artist, oscillating between synth-laden indie-pop tracks and vulnerable ballads that place her soulful essence and sheer talent as a singer-songwriter at the forefront.