July 21, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Nettwerk Music Group is thrilled to announce the signing of LA-based producer/vocalist/pianist omniboi. He joins the likes of Braxton CookMÒZÂMBÎQÚE and il:lo in Nettwerk’s house/jazztronica community.

Born Omni Rutledge, omniboi grew up in various parts of Arizona. He notes that many major bands skipped over Arizona entirely on their U.S. tours, which played a role in driving him to the margins of music; some of the first concerts he attended were warehouse and desert raves. From there, he began cultivating the sound that he refers to as “kawaii future bass mixed with jazztronica.” With strong influences from the Far East, Omni has played shows in Japan and Korea.

Today, omniboi shares “Set Apart” (ft. Dona), his debut single with Nettwerk. Upbeat and begging to soundtrack an active dance floor (or a technicolor video game), “Set Apart” is exactly what you need to get you and your friends on your feet.

“I tend to get booked for a lot of dance shows,” Omni shares. “I’m looking forward to filling my sets with more crowd-friendly house/dance originals like this one.”

On meeting Dona, he shares: “I initially followed her for her visual art. She does a lot of work with Kitsune Maison. When I found out she made music too, I was instantly drawn to her sound. We met in person out in LA and created a few songs together; this was one of them.”

“Set Apart” is available at digital retailers here:

Single Art | Download HERE