LA-based Indie Pop Artist LeyeT (prounounced “Light”) Shares “Notice You”

July 19, 2019 BY Nettwerk

“Spiked electronics with a tasteful twist, ‘Notice You’ is about letting people know that on a pure and simple level you see them” – Clash
“LeyeT has successfully grown her therapeutic message into a simultaneously fun, breezy summer jam”– Billboard
“Be the LeyeT that helps others see” – Kick Kick Snare

“Staggering voice and strong songwriting” – C-Heads

“Her talents as a skilled singer-songwriter continue to shine” – This Song Is Sick


LeyeT combines her background in guitar songwriting with the energy and ethos of dance music. Inspired by the lyrical depth and sonic verve of her favorite dance artists, she channels emotional vulnerability into alternative-pop songs with a solid heartbeat. LeyeT made an impressive debut with her first single “Don’t Make Me Cry” topping Spotify’s Fresh Finds and landing in both the US and Global Viral Spotify charts. She’s since followed up on that success with several more singles including “Long Way” and “Like You More” (both reaching #1 on Hype Machine), as well as “Most People” which premiered via Billboard, and her “Let Me Know” landing in Spotify’s New Music Friday. All the aforementioned singles are now part on her debut EP thoughts.

She’s now back with the first cut from her upcoming sophomore EP (details TBA). Titled “Notice You,” the song is an upbeat piece full of summery vibes combined with her fresh, contagious signature songwriting. 

Speaking about the song and the video, LeyeT explains: “This song is about giving someone recognition; letting them know that they are seen, noticed, and appreciated. In the music video that pairs, I highlight one of my best friends whose story, drive and light really inspire me. Her bright energy is undeniable yet as I got to know her, I learned that the light she radiates is not one marked without profound loss or everyday struggle.”

“Notice You” is out today via Nettwerk.