June 30, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, LA-based instrumentalist and creative polymath ROHO shares his latest EP Footsteps. The five-track EP is his debut project with Nettwerk and showcases a knack for worldbuilding through genre-bending instrumentals and tantalizing visuals, all of which he creates himself via the Blender software.

“This EP,” shares ROHO, “represents the opening of a new door into my artistry. Prior to this release, most of my work has only appeared in short form snippets across the internet. I’m finally letting loose some full-length instrumentals and I’m super excited to showcase my ability to create worlds with my music… This EP represents my sonic versatility and affinity for stepping through different genres, hence the name Footsteps.”

Footsteps further cements ROHO’s signature production style to his supporters, one that blends sci-fi influences and future beat rhythms with more traditional jazz and soul elements. He’s built a robust audience of over 10K followers on both Twitter and Instagram, where he’s become known for his knocking drums and popular Ableton flip videos. His remixes have sampled everything from Jordan Ward’s “WHITE CROCS” to the sound of a broken laundry machine, garnering hundreds of thousands of plays. With experience in creative direction and 3D graphic design, ROHO is a true artistic powerhouse.

Footsteps is available at digital retailers here:

Footsteps Tracklist

01. Biking

02. Clockwork

03. Pitch Bent

04. Dream One

05. Sky Blu