June 23, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, LA-based producer takeo shares his first LP in three years—the hazy, downtempo Plush Toy. The 12-track project marks his first full-length release with Nettwerk, following his ‘Moving Colors’ EP in April. 

Plush Toy brings listeners up close and personal to takeo’s intimate and relaxed sound, one he often cultivates during study breaks from his computer science graduate program. With gentle guitar licks, soft knocking bass lines and twinkling piano melodies, Plush Toy is the perfect soundtrack for a blissful night’s sleep. 

“Each of the tracks,” takeo shares about the album, “are to remind you of simpler life—childhood. “This project embodies the imperfections of lofi music, yet the cadence of life as it grows, slows, and seems almost forgotten in time. Personally, I love plushies and I have a few notable characters hanging around my bedroom. So, while this project is named after them, it’s also a nod to the beauty of nostalgia, old friends, and moments we will never get back.”

About focus track “play nice,” he adds: “This song is a sleepy metronomic beat with a calming nighttime atmosphere and relaxing piano melody that evoke a magical yet nostalgic vibe.”

Plush Toy is available at all digital retailers here:

Plush Toy tracklist

01. old friends

02. imaginary games

03. growing older

04. waking up tired

05. dewdrop

06. running late

07. play nice

08. long sleeves

09. day care

10. all birds in their nests

11. handball court

12. lost and found