Kill J Shares Powerful New Music Video

November 21, 2018 BY Nettwerk

Following her highly-anticipated and fiercely political recent release “Strange Fruits of The Sea” Copenhagen art-pop muse Kill J slinks back with a powerful new single “Dead Weight Soldier”. The second taste from her forthcoming new album Superposition.


It’s again Kill J’s coy, vicious and oh-so barbed vocals that power the track over a stripped-back, tribal instrumental that will conjure relevant comparisons to the likes of Erykah Badu as much as it will to the bright pop experimentation of Charli XCX and Banks. It’s a dark and thrilling return from one of Scandinavia’s most elusive and innovative artists.

Speaking on the track, Kill J explains, ”It’s based on a revenge fantasy. A retaliation against an incompetent man that I have encountered quite a few times in different forms throughout my life: full of hot air, an egomaniac driven by sex and power. A person that has no real talent but is very good at taking credit for other people’s achievements.

A timely wake-up call to power, the second installment of her new body of work Superposition evolves around the world of particle physics and scientific discoveries. This is, as Kill J explains, “Because in the end, only science will save us.”

The again- nascent and imperious Kill J again shows why she’s such a defining artist in her own right, both lyriclally and visually, with the kind of thrilling video that will continue the conversation around an artist clearly in her merciless prime.