Katelyn Tarver Announces ‘Quitter’ LP out February 9 + Shares Title-Track Single

October 27, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Today, LA-based singer-songwriter Katelyn Tarver announces her highly anticipated sophomore LP Quitter out February 9th, 2024 via Nettwerk.

On the forthcoming album, Quitter, Tarver collaborated with the likes of esteemed co-writer Delacey (Halsey, Demi Lovato), Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Scott Effman (JP Saxe, Kelly Clarkson), and producer Chad Copelin (LANY, Sasha Sloan). Co-written with Adam Yaron (Maddie Zahm, Alexander Stewart), Tarver also shares her title-track single, offering listeners another superb, existential effort that complements her recent run of singles leading up to the release of her full-length record.

The sun-soaked and shimmering single, “Quitter,” serves as the album’s most self-assured moment, even as Tarver expresses a glaring uncertainty about the road ahead. With unflinching honesty, audacity, and unapologetically pop-leaning, “Quitter” alludes to tossing out the traditional rules of adulthood and having a little fun coloring outside the lines.  

Katelyn Tarver reveals this about her new single “Quitter,”

 “‘Quitter’ is about wanting to stop living for other people’s expectations of me, or for my younger self’s expectations of what my life should be like now. It’s about growing and changing, but in a way, that’s celebrating it instead of being scared of what the change might bring. That’s really what I wanted this album to encapsulate as a whole: the idea that, yes, there’s a lot of heaviness that comes with trying to figure these things out, but letting go of all those expectations can shed some of that heaviness. It’s about tapping into the freedom that comes with saying, ‘I don’t have to abide by any of those old rules. I can make the rules up myself.”

With her forthcoming album on the horizon, Tarver shares a lived-in and enthrallingly detailed account of navigating her early 30s, opening up about so many the troubles we typically keep hidden: imposter syndrome and struggles with self-worth, the fear of the unknown and anxiety of perfectionism, an all-too-familiar tension between craving acceptance and longing to pursue your absolute truth. Anchored in her crystalline voice and gorgeously airy indie-pop, the Quitter ultimately creates space for listeners to ease into expansive self-reflection—and, in turn, possibly arrive at a more open-hearted and free-spirited perspective on their own journey through the world.

“Quitter” follows recent singles, Ignorance Is Bliss,” Parallel Universe,” Cinematic,” and Starting To Scare Me.” The moody but euphoric “Ignorance Is Bliss” explores her desire for control in a chaotic world. “This song is voicing my frustration with how isolating it can feel to be weighed down by the big, unanswerable questions that we all have to face in life. All the what-ifs. All the versions of why them and not me? Why me and not them?” shares Tarver. “Parallel Universe” unfolds as a pop-leaning, folky piece of storytelling about potential life paths that went unfollowed. It’s a quiet contemplation evoking unsparing introspection about missed opportunities and the roads we could have traveled.

“Cinematic” is a fairly subdued, late 90s’ guitar-driven inspired tune about looking at life with a bittersweet lens. Beguiling vocals and dulcet tones shine throughout as the track twists and turns through snapshots of Tarver’s experiences. Accompanied by a music video directed by Skyler Brown (Ethel Cain, Royal & The Serpent), “Starting to Scare Me” delves into the vulnerable depths of Tarver’s introspection, offering a raw and honest exploration of detrimental tendencies. Tarver, known for her poignant lyricism and emotive vocals, examines her personal journey of evasion and acceptance. Sonically, the track graces the edges of nostalgia, recalling 90s influences that propel pulsing guitars and memorable hooks to the forefront.

Tonight, in Los Angeles, Katelyn Tarver will wrap up her first 21-date headlining North American tour. Next up for Tarver is a 12-date headlining European tour starting in November with support from Australian singer-songwriter Jack Gray. During this album cycle, Tarver has been featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Chill Pop, Morning Commute, Fresh Pop, New Pop Picks playlists and more. Additionally, she’s been praised by the likes of Billboard, NYLON, FLOOD, Under The Radar, Sweety High, Popdust, Buzzbands LA, and more.

“Quitter” is available at all digital retailers here:


Quitter LP Tracklisting:

1. Quitter

2. What Makes A Life Good

3. Starting to Scare Me

4. Ignorance Is Bliss

5. Parallel Universe

6. Japanese Cafe

7. Cinematic

8. Revisionist History

9. Just A Person

10. Friend Like You

11. One Without The Other

Tour Dates:

*w/ Rosie Darling

October 6, 2023: Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo*

UK/EUROPE Tour Dates:

w/ Jack Gray
November 8, 2023: Glasgow, Scotland @ SWG3 Poetry Club
November 9, 2023: Manchester, England @ Night & Day Café
November 10, 2023: London, England @ Colours Hoxton
November 12, 2023: Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Rotown
November 13, 2023: Paris, France @ Le Pop Up Du Label
November 16, 2023: Munich, Germany @ Strom
November 17, 2023: Hamburg, Germany @ Uebel & Gefährlich
November 19, 2023: Berlin, Germany @ Maschinenhaus
November 20, 2023: Cologne, Germany @ Yuca
November 22, 2023: Copenhagen, Denmark @ Rust
November 23, 2023: Oslo, Norway @ Krosset
November 25, 2023: Stockholm, Sweden @ Bar Brooklyn