Jon Bryant Shares “Paradise” From Nettwerk Debut ‘Cult Classic’

June 18, 2018 BY Nettwerk

In 2015, Jon Bryant joined a cult. His short-lived time in this cult would inspire the concept of his upcoming Nettwerk debut album, Cult Classic. More details on that coming later, but for now, Bryant shares the album’s groovy opener “Paradise,” which perfectly sets the tone of what follows.

Says Bryant of the track, “Life is too short for bullshit. It’s definitely not worth wasting on the things that don’t inspire or challenge us. I’ve always been a proponent of change and self-evolution. When I wrote ‘Paradise,’ I was going through life transitions that were becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with. I felt overwhelmed and just wanted to escape to the desert and refocus my attention on what I was most passionate about. So I did.”

Stay tuned for more album news from Jon Bryant in the coming weeks.