Jon Bryant Shares New Track “I Shall Not Fear”

June 26, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Vancouver-based alternative singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Bryant shares his latest single “I Shall Not Fear.” “Fear is the most powerful motivator. When it sinks its teeth in, we react, run, hide and collapse into ourselves,” says Jon Bryant. “Fear is simply an idea, a thought that runs amuck in our mind. It’s our imagination responding to all the possibilities that could happen. This song represents my fears. And I have some weird ones. I reason with them every day.”

This decade would be nothing short of unbelievable for Jon Bryant. In between countless shows, he’s delivered four full-length albums, including Cult Classic in 2019, as well as his latest EP Half Bad. Cult Classic refined his signature style as it detailed his brief experience and exit from NVXIM. It also resonated with fans far and wide and generated over 16 million worldwide streams highlighted by singles “At Home,” “Paradise,” “Cultivated,” “Did What I Did” and “Ya Ya Ya Ya.” Along the way, he garnered acclaim from Atwood Magazine, Tone Deaf, Exclaim!, and more in addition to appearing on the podcast Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know and q: The Podcast From CBC RadioOne syndicated via NPR.

Stay tuned for more news and new music from Jon Bryant in the coming weeks.