Jon Bryant Shares New Song/Video For “Cultivated” From Upcoming Album ‘Cult Classic’

October 15, 2018 BY Nettwerk

“‘Cultivated’ is about our incessant need for human connection and how far we will go to get it. Having experienced the inside of what a cult looks like, I felt it necessary and important to bring attention and awareness to the subject.” – Jon Bryant

Vancouver-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jon Bryant shares new song, “Cultivated,” from his upcoming album Cult Classic (release date tba). The track snaps from a subtle groove into a synth-driven chant that’s impossible to shake, and thematically digs into how a relationship can feel like a cult.

Of the video and song, Jon says, “This video was a labor of love and personally my most ambitious concept to date. It was a joy to work alongside director, cinematographer and friend Andrew Gerard. He brought so much to the video that I could never have imagined. I wrote this song so that listeners would look inside their own lives at the cults they are a part of – to take stock of the cost/benefit. I’m not saying all ‘cult’ traits are necessarily always harmful, but when people lose their autonomy or no longer think for themselves, tribal mentalities and unhealthy behaviors tend to follow, be it in abusive relationships, partisan politics, divisive churches or professional sports fans. I want to help people have the courage to get out of those unhealthy situations.”

“Cultivated” followed the release of first single, “Paradise,” which Magnet Magazine called, “a soft-rock gem you’d swear came out of Southern California in the mid-’70s,” and Collide said, “a ‘70s-inspired soft rock jam à la Jim James. It’s got that unmistakable west coast groove with a something a little more insidious simmering beneath the surface…”

Jon Bryant will open for John Butler Trio on three upcoming Canadian tour dates: Toronto, ON (Oct 18), Montreal, QC (Nov 23) and Ottawa, ON (Nov 24).

Stay tuned for more album news from Jon Bryant.