Jon Bryant Releases New EP ‘Back To Love’ With Music Video

May 7, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Alternative singer. songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jon Bryant releases his new EP Back to Love, comprised of six songs that revolve around a relationship that gets caught in the weeks, causing the couple to lose sight of who they are. Of the title track, Jon says, “Most every couple has their golden era of meeting and falling in love. And it’s hard to maintain that same intensity for a long period of time. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Love is always an option. For me, it involves shutting my mouth and listening. Having empathy and simply allowing my partner to heal on her time. For others, this song might be one’s relationship with themselves. To love themselves when it’s easier to be critical and self-destructive.” Listen to the Back To Love EP here:

The Vancouver-based artist picks up the threads of formative influences such as R&B and folk while at the same time reaching a new level of understanding and empathy as evidenced in the song writing in his latest two releases: 2019’s full-length album Cult Classic and 2020’s Half Bad EP. His songs have resonated with fans far and wide and generated over 72 million worldwide streams highlighted by singles “At Home,” “Paradise,” “Cultivated,” “Did What I Did” and “Ya Ya Ya Ya.” Along the way, he garnered acclaim from Atwood Magazine, Tone Deaf, Exclaim!, and more in addition to appearing on the podcast Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know and q: The Podcast From CBC RadioOne syndicated via NPR.