James Vincent McMorrow Unveils New Single “Stay Cool”; Signs To Nettwerk

January 26, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

 Irish singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer James Vincent McMorrow unveils new single “Stay Cool,” along with announcing his signing to Nettwerk Music Group. His high register rings out as emotion spills over organic soundscapes accented by folk, indie, and rock elements. His fingers pluck guitar strings with intention as his vocals stir even the most intimate emotions to the surface.

Known for his soulful and expressive vocals, James’s new single “Stay Cool” marks a significant moment in his musical journey. 

I have lived the last few years amongst a span of trees. There was something comforting in hiding, but it was obscuring the places I wanted to go, and it was obscuring me,” says James. 

He continues, “For me, the winter is when things begin. All the songs and records I’m most proud of have either been created or released during the winter months. You’ll listen to this song and hopefully know what it’s about, emerging from trees, trying to be open again.


The unique recording process sets “Stay Cool” apart – James captured it in a single take, a departure from his usual production methods. This approach adds a raw and authentic quality to the track, allowing the moment’s urgency to unfold in real time.

James Vincent McMorrow continues to push boundaries and explore new artistic territories.