Jaguar Jonze Shares “Rising Sun” Video From Debut EP ‘Diamonds & Liquid Gold’; Watch Here       

April 20, 2020 BY Nettwerk

Jaguar Jonze (aka Deena Lynch) shares her debut EP Diamonds & Liquid Gold (out now via Nettwerk Records).  To celebrate the release, Jonze shares the cinematic and character-driven video for the current single “Rising Sun.”  Directed by Ribal Hosn (Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Wonderland, Oyster) and costume design by Cindy Vogels, the video is the latest chapter in a stunning series of visuals that delve into the complex mind and multi-faceted persona of Jonze.

“If Jaguar Jonze was a TV show, this would be the theme song. I’ve forever been saying as the tagline ‘Eastern cowgirl howling at the rising sun,’ so, I wanted to sneakily weave that into the lyrics. This is the side to Jaguar we haven’t seen yet – the formidable, invulnerable side,” says Jonze about the track.  Adding, “luckily, the video was filmed in Australia, the day before I left for the states.  It was probably last day to gather a group together now that everyone is in quarantine. Wild.

Watch (& Share) The Official Music Video For “Rising Sun” HERE:

During her recent trip to the states, Jonze contracted COVID-19 and is currently at home in Australia recovering as a virtual hospital patient.  While bedridden due to some of the now-familiar health effects, Jonze began drawing up coloring books and inviting other visual artists to contribute.  Each week for the next six weeks, Jonze focuses on a different song from the EP.  Fans are able to join live with Jonze and color together.  To check it out, please visit

The EP includes previously released singles “Rabbit Hole,” “Beijing Baby” “You Got Left Behind” and “Kill Me With Your Love,” as well title track “Diamonds & Liquid Gold” and the aforementioned single “Rising Sun.” The EP is the musical output of a multi-dimensional creative that uses art to confront shame and taboos.  With her debut EP, Jonze establishes herself as a unique and incomparable talent whose artistry is always expanding and never predictable.  Straddling the worlds of music, art and fashion, Jaguar Jonze has been profiled on the cover of Style Magazine, spotlighted in the Converse // VICE Artist Collaboration, featured in Fashion Journal, covered by NME, and had her songs supported by FLAUNTThe Line of Best Fit, Tone Deaf, Atwood MagazineIndustry ObserverCool Accidents and much more.

Known for her adjacent projects – the narrative illustrations of Spectator Jonze and gender-subverting photography of Dusky Jonze – as Jaguar, Deena brings “fuzzy indie guitars, strong haunting vocals, and a manic stage presence, bending over backward, writhing, crab-walking and altogether looking like she’s possessed by some sort of musical genius,” [Cool Accidents].  Explains Deena, “everything I do stems from the need for dialogue – Jaguar being an internal dialogue with my subconscious, Spectator being an external dialogue with others on mental health and the mind and Dusky being a dialogue with the body.

Track List:

  1. Rising Sun
  2. Rabbit Hole
  3. Beijing Baby
  4. Kill Me with Your Love
  5. Diamonds & Liquid Gold
  6. ​You Got Left Behind

To listen to the Diamonds & Liquid Gold EP, click HERE.

Critical Quotes:

“Deena Lynch (aka Jaguar Jonze) is nothing short of a manifold visionary” – FLAUNT

“It’s thanks to art and music that Deena is now, to put it one way, straight-up killing it” – VICE

“Jaguar Jonze’s enviable ability to effortlessly saunter between genres and a range of influences, blowing down the barriers as she rattles on with primal energy. A multi-faceted artist, Lynch also has a digital illustration and photography creative endeavors that subvert and challenge” – Line Of Best Fit

“To sum up the creative explosion that is Deena Lynch into a neat little elevator pitch would have even the most qualified of journalists in tears.” – Tone Deaf

“We don’t even have words for how good Jaguar Jonze’s set was (which is problematic considering we’re journalists and writing is literally how we pay our bills) – Industry Observer

“…the video boasts a Tarantino-esque dance-off, all bathed in an unsettling red…It matches the intoxicating song…we can’t wait to see what this exciting artist does next” – Cool Accidents

“Jaguar Jonze if you’re reading this, please tell us your secrets. You’re a downright goddess of a human” – Left Bank Magazine

“Lynch has already demonstrated that she is one of the great young storytellers in the business” – The Revue