Jack Fargo Shares Wes Period Collaboration, “Wobble Shake”

November 11, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Jack Fargo, the Memphis born, and LA-based pop artist returns with his third single, “Wobble Shake.” A collaboration with the rising rap-pop artist Wes Period. “Wobble Shake” is an effortless track filled with energy surrounding Jack’s genre-fluid approach as he captures the mood of dancing and letting go. The song starts with the chorus, creating a mantra of wobbling, highlighting Jack’s witty freestyle ability before cutting to Wes Period’s verse.

Wes Period shares on the track, “Honestly, the word ‘rump’ just really needed its day in the sunlight. A term that’s given us so much cultural gold has just not been given its flowers in the digital age. That changes today.”

Jack teamed up with producer Jayden Seeley (Zach HoodRyan Oakes) for this track, taking a fresh perspective on production with a twist of pop for the vocal melody, similar to the likes of Tai Verdes & WizTheMc. On top of this, Jack is currently viral with over 13 million views and over 570K likes on his Instagram reel featuring his most recent single, “Broke.”

On “Wobble Shake,” Jack shares, The night we made ‘Wobble Shake; – magic was in the air in Jayden’s backyard studio. We had originally started the night writing some type of love song as I remember it. Wes and I were on the couch, working on the first verse, while Jayden was playing with the drums of this so called “love song.”

“At some point, Jayden had overlapped a certain drum loop, and created what is now the backbeat of ‘Wobble Shake.’ When this initially happened, Jayden apologized, and quickly went to fix his mistake… when Wes jumped up and said “Keep that!” – He ran into the booth, and with only this overlapped beat playing in his headphones… Wes shouted “She wobblin’! She shake her rump!”

“From then on, the whole session took on a whole new meaning. We had a totally different song than when we started, and a complete curveball from what most people expect from Jack Fargo. The energy in the room that night was really special and I think it translates to what you hear on the track.”



Jack Fargo is the brainchild of Jack Fargotstein, a Memphis-born musician who’s been carrying a tune since he learned to play guitar in the seventh grade, devising parody songs inspired by “Weird Al” Yankovic and eventually moving on to original material. “I thought it would help with the girls,” he laughs while discussing his early songwriting prowess, “but it did help in me getting my songs out there.” 

Fargotstein became Bigmac Jack in high school as he dove deep into hip-hop culture, releasing mixtapes while hopping on local producers’ beats. “I never considered myself a singer—I was always rapping.” Near the end of college, he made another leap forward in his career as one-half of The Motel Brothers, who struck out to Los Angeles and released a successful stream of singles before disbanding in 2019.

After the duo’s dissolution, Jack connected with his manager—which was when Jack Fargo was born. Drawing from a wide range of influences including Ed Sheeran’s pop-rock effervescence, the work of late and legendary rapper Mac Miller, and classic soul and R&B. At the core of Jack’s music is a romanticism about everyday life and loving every second you have—no matter what comes at you.

“Wobble Shake” Single Art HERE