Ivor Novello-nominated singer-songwriter Elina releases “Sweet Night”; Announces debut album, out October 27

August 18, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Swedish singer-songwriter and Ivor Novello nominee Elina releases her third lulling single, ‘Sweet Night’ out today, while announcing her debut album, Whatever Happens Now, scheduled for 27th October via label Nettwerk

Creating her latest track of solace, ‘Sweet Night’ draws wide inspiration from the unique and creative landscapes of Sweden’s summer that surrounds Elina. As it delves deeper into her calming acoustic song cannon, it’s elevated beautifully by the soft, textural spaces of guitar and Elina’s gentle, flowing vocal melodies.

Talking about her upcoming release, Elina states that she “wanted ‘Sweet Night’ to sound like the ocean, the yellow fields, and the pink sky on a Swedish summer evening. It has a lightness to it musically, and I really enjoyed the process of making it, broadening the horizons a bit production-wise. Lyrically, it’s both sad and liberating to me in a peculiar way. It’s about the bittersweet daydream of leaving everything behind and never looking back.”

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Written throughout the pandemic with two close friends, Whatever Happens Now was a therapeutic experience that helped Elina process and overcome challenges faced at the time, both in her personal and professional lives. Featuring the singles ‘I Should’ve Danced More, a gentle reminder that life is short and is happening for us, right now, and ‘Apologize‘, which was the seed of the whole album—a breath of fresh air, sung out of both desperation, anger, sadness, and most of all relief—it’s about the realisation that you have to stop living your life for somebody else.

Going on to talk about her forthcoming album, she shares that it “… is about closing a chapter. Over the past several years, I’ve learned a lot about acceptance and letting go of resistance. There’s this glimpse of hope and peace to these new songs, which I think comes from a lot of positive change within.”

Nurtured in a small Swedish village embraced by the serene Scandinavian forests, she derives her boundless energy from this idyllic setting. Her artistic journey is influenced by the rich tapestry of ‘60s and ‘70s pop-culture icons, including the likes of Joni Mitchell and The Mamas & The Papas, while also drawing inspiration from the evocative contemporary soundscapes crafted by bands like The Paper Kites. These diverse influences converge to shape her unique musical expression, weaving a captivating narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Elina’s musical talent has garnered widespread acclaim, earning praise from influential tastemakers such as Wonderland, CLASHThe Line of Best Fit, and When The Horn Blows. Her remarkable second single, ‘Here With Me’, even secured a notable sync on US network show, The Bold Type. Since her debut five years ago, Elina’s music consistently graces the top charts on The Hype Machine, whilst amassing a devoted global fanbase of 1.3 million monthly listeners that have streamed her music well over 300 million times.

Elina launched her artist career in April 2018, but her rise to celestial glory began as a songwriter, having co-written the multi-platinum 2016 single ‘Sexual’ for NEIKED, and having penned songs for Zara LarssonAstrid SMaroon 5, and SZA, amongst others. As a testament to the strength of her songwriting, Elina has been adorned with nominations for several awards in her native Sweden, including nominations at the prestigious Denniz Pop Awards in 2015 and 2018, and in 2017 she claimed the title of ‘Song of the Year’ at the Swedish Publishing Awards.

Elina will be playing live in London, UK at Omeara on 27th October 2023. Tickets available HERE.

Whatever Happens Now [album tracklisting]:

  1. Intro
  2. Apologize
  3. Before we Fall Asleep
  4. You Make Me Think of Fire
  5. Sweet Night
  6. Whatever Happens Now
  7. I Should’ve Danced More
  8. Worst is Over
  9. I Don’t Know Love