Indie Singer/Songwriter Garrett Kato Announces New EP ‘Nighthawks’; Shares New Single “Slow Motion”

March 24, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Today, singer, songwriter, and platinum-award winning producer Garrett Kato is excited to announce his new EP, Nighthawks, which will be released on September 1, 2023, via Nettwerk. Along with the announcement, Kato has shared his intimate and vulnerable new single, “Slow Motion,” accompanied by a gorgeous video showcasing how consciously he’s pushed himself sonically and vocally on this new latest body of work. “Slow Motion” is a deep dive examination into heartbreak combined with Kato’s signature warm production and graceful guitar playing.

“It’s essentially a grieving feeling….You can’t get past heartbreak overnight, and time sort of stands still like a car accident in slo-mo. You’re living in the past, which is what grief really is,” shares Garrett. “Slow Motion” is available everywhere HERE.


After generating over 100 million streams and captivating audiences worldwide, the Canada-born and Australia-based platinum-certified artist and producer continues to explore this emotional exchange on Nighthawks. The production is bigger, adventurous, experimental and embraces a new chapter. There’s exploration of pop, lo-fi, vintage sounds combined with Garrett Kato’s classic singer-songwriter grit. His internal conversation manifests in his music and is all throughout this EP. His diligent tinkering as a producer, unfiltered candor as a songwriter, and artful arrangements as a creator commune in one open dialogue soundtracked by a delicate synthesis of folk, indie, and alternative. As such, the songs preserve personal memories worth holding onto, ease moments of anxiety and confusion, and provide reprieve.

Photo credit: Glenn Mossip – DOWNLOAD HERE