Indie-pop singer-songwriter nobody likes you pat shares debut album “imago” via Nettwerk

November 11, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Saint Paul, Minnesota-based artist nobody likes you pat, the moniker for singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Pat Kiloran, arrives with his debut LP imago via NettwerkImago is an insightful, 11-track expedition detailing the past few years of Kiloran’s life. It’s a record shifting through indie-pop anthems, tender ballads, and singer-songwriter sensibilities. Above all, imago is a collection of songs dealing with successes, failures, marriage, unexpected children, mental illness, physical illness, loneliness, financial loss, unfulfilled promises, damaged friendships, family relations, therapy, God, death, substance abuse, political strife, and whatever else you might image. Needless to say, everyone can find something to relate to on nobody likes you pat’s striking record, imago.

Imago is a play on the Latin phrase “imago dei,” which translates to “image of God.” This phrase often denotes a sacred description of humanity. Nobody likes you pat shares this on his album, “The theme of this album is loosely tying together a plethora of very specific and very human experiences from my own life or people’s lives that I am close to, seeking to help listeners grasp the beauty, value, and depth of their lives, particularly in the struggles and hardships therein, and specifically drive their hearts to the main point we so often misconstrue: unconditional love.”

The album features the powerful new single “letters from god.” The track comes off like a deeply personal journal entry of the intricate mind of Pat Kiloran. “‘letters from god’ is a solemn, sacred, cinematic acoustic-pop ballad written while I was sitting in my 1800’s church building,” shares nobody likes you pat. “I wanted a song from the perspective of my faith that could also be appreciated and impactful to people outside of my faith tradition or any faith. It’s a song written from the perspective of God towards a hurting, angry, isolated world.”

Previous single “babylon” carries the weight and frustration that many people, including Pat, felt during 2020 and 2021 of watching someone dear to them enter a world of conspiracy theories and nationalism. “one day before i die,” a bubbly, energetic, nearly-country-pop song, glides along on acoustic guitar punctuated by harmonica as Pat asks, “Only God knows when it’s finally time. What if I had one day before I die?”

Produced and co-written with LA-based producer Erik Ron (Panic! At The Disco, nothing, nowhere.), “maybe money” is a chilled-out, catchy dance-beat pop song tackling the topic of America’s obsession with money and the false notion that wealth guarantees happiness or fulfillment. On the other side of the coin, “used to love girls,” which is based on real-life discussions with his wife, is a gentle, warm, and heart-aching acoustic-pop love song. It serves as another journal entry for Pat, albeit the Pat of many years ago.

Co-written with LA-based musician/writer Savannah Sgro and recorded with Kiloran’s friend, producer Jack Vondrachek (Charli XCX, Hippo Campus), the moody-yet-energetic “tired of going to bed” explores the age-old concept of going to bed angry but not wanting to. nobody likes you pat heads down a more stripped-down approach with a crisp production, clean guitar, and a light touch of synthesizers. Although Kiloran leans on a heavier and personal narrative, “tired of going to bed” has a feel-good cadence, propelled by a mid-tempo rhythm that’s ideal for slow dancing. “tired of going to bed” showcases Kiloran’s musical and lyrical vulnerability while he seeks answers to the questions he never thought he’d have to ask himself.

Released this past summer, “midwest blues” touches upon the sonic fringes of indie-pop and gentle singer-songwriter aesthetics. Written with Toronto-based songwriter Matt Kahane, the song is an introspective, fuzzy, story driven effort detailing pivotal moments in life that led Pat to become who he is now and who he hopes to become as he gets older. The music video for “midwest blues” was shot in Double Springs, Alabama and is a scenic voyage that provides tranquility in a world that’s becoming more tumultuous and perplexing by the day.

The record concludes with the simple yet effective “i don’t know what i’m doing.” It’s a mellow, introspective tune that feels like a summary of imago wrapped up in a beautiful two-plus minute package. In the end, imago is a reminder that we’re all human, we all make mistakes, and it’s time to take it easy on ourselves and those closest to us.

On November 18th, he will celebrate the release of his album with a show at Trinity City Church in Saint Paul, MN. For tickets and more info:

imago LP is available on DSPs here:

nobody likes you pat – imago LP Tracklist:
maybe money
one day before i die
midwest blues
things i wish you said
letters from god
tired of going to bed
used to love girls
love became a wasteland
i don’t know what i’m doing
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More Info:

Pat Kiloran may be a father, husband, singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist, mixer, and Midwesterner, but above all, he’s human.

Pat grew up in St. Paul, MN, with detours in Canada, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Along the way, he launched a career in audio production for film and television and eventually founded and fronted pop-rock band Milkk. Touring coast-to-coast, the group built buzz, generating millions of streams, garnering media acclaim, and landing countless music placements with ABC, CBS, NBC, and Disney. Once COVID hit, he admits, “It felt the right time do something else. So, his family packed up their home in Nashville and moved back to Minnesota. Writing and recording in his attic, he introduced nobody likes you pat via the independent now that I’m here, i feel like myself EP and spinning EP in 2021. “I began the process for the album after I moved,” he states. “I was in the same environment I grew up in, but it was a new city ten years later. Everything felt more peaceful. Being here allowed me to find my identity. I tried to create music in a way that felt like a good reflection of who I am and what I’m trying to say.”

Like the rest of us, he spends a lot of time thinking of his family and friends. In his case, those thoughts turn into breezy, bold, and bright indie pop anthems rooted in relatable Americana-style storytelling and stitched together with homegrown production. Going by the name nobody likes you pat, he ponders humanity with the candor of a late-night coffee shop chat among old pals on his full-length debut, imago.

“Within a few months of starting nobody likes you pat, I knew the message for the first album,” Pat admits. “I’m writing from my perspective and showing my experiences. These are honest stories and thoughts about everyday life, growth, change, and philosophical expansion. It’s fuzzy, nostalgic, emotional, and raw. The colors are natural. To me, it feels like watching a home movie. I express a lot of emotion through my writing. I want this to be the soundtrack for people who are trying to get through their lives and deal with sadness. Maybe it’s a place for you to hear someone else has been there too. For me, nobody likes you pat is the diary of my life that I hope to look back on and read when I’m 80-years-old.”

nobody likes you pat has over 330K Spotify monthly listeners and has been recently featured on their Next Gen Singer-Songwriters, Warm Fuzzy Feeling, and Sommer Chillout playlists.