October 27, 2023 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Emerging from LA by way of his native San Francisco, Wingtip has entrenched himself as a genre-bending disruptor. Today, he announces his upcoming project, Laughter from the Other Room, out 1/19, along with his self-proclaimed “scumbag anthem,” “Boyfriend.” 

Laughter from the Other Room features previously released track “Last To Know” and follows his recent EP release, Get Well Soon. Wingtip has organically morphed as an artist, giving his sound the space to progress through an instinctive fusion of pop, alternative, electronic, and rock, all weaved seamlessly throughout his projects. 

Wingtip explains, “Laughter from the Other Room is the second part of a two EP series that tracks my life over a year. I wrote all of both EPs over the course of the beginning, middle, and end of a relationship, and so the order of the songs pretty naturally mirrors the ups and downs of that.”

He continues, “The songs on this EP are about confusion and mixed feelings – wanting to be with someone but not ‘with’ them, wondering how long they’ve been wanting to end things, moving on from someone but still seeing them everywhere. The title is a reference to feeling apart of something but not inside it anymore, something I’ve felt a lot this year.”

Today, Wingtip further exemplifies his musical prowess with his relatable new single “Boyfriend,” dealing with the concept of only wanting to have fun with someone romantically but without the commitment to relationship status.

“Have you ever wanted to ‘kind of’ date someone? Like you don’t want to label it, or commit to a status, but you want them around? It’s maybe not the best thing to do, but I think we’ve all felt it. That’s what this song is about: wanting the fun of romance with someone, the thrill of intimacy, but the freedom to leave when it’s all over with no consequences. Sort of a scumbag anthem,” says Wingtip. 

Until now, Wingtip has documented his journey via music, concretizing the trip for everyone to hear, see, and feel. During 2017, his breakout “Rewind” impacted virally and eventually tallied over 44 million Spotify streams and counting. 2019’s “Heartworks” reeled in 17.6 million Spotify streams, followed by “Happiness” with 6.3 million Spotify streams. 2020 saw him serve up All Your Friends Are Here, highlighted by “Strangers” and “Demons.” Along the way, he also became a trusted collaborator and sought-after co-writer. He notably penned Céline Dion’s chart-topping “Imperfections” with multiplatinum alternative pop powerhouse Lauv. He’s reached over 100 million global streams and continues to pack live shows. Stay tuned for more music…