Indie-Pop Artist PEGGY Announces ‘Dear Reader’ EP Out 3/22; “Flight Risk” Out Now!

February 2, 2024 BY Bailey Vigliaturo

Indie-pop sensation PEGGY, with her enchanting acoustic guitar melodies and boundless vision for the future of pop music, is gearing up to captivate audiences with her debut EP, Dear Reader, set to release on March 22. The project explores the universal themes of relationships, self-love, mental health, and more. Today, she announces the EP alongside her mesmerizing new single, “Flight Risk.”

“When I listen to the songs on the project, it’s like I’m escaping into a sanctuary or a safe place. I get overwhelmed very easily, and the world can be too much. Sonically, I’m creating the world I want to create. I get calm from the music, so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. My world is less of a ‘place’ and more of a feeling,” says PEGGY. 

Her debut EP boasts collaborations with remarkable talents, including the late Bram Inscore, recognized for his contributions to Troye Sivan and Beck, as well as Andrew Tufano, known for his work with sad alexRosie Darling, and Katelyn TarverDear Reader includes previous releases “Mess,” and the entrancing “Alice,” which have already garnered millions of streams. 

Today, we get another sneak peek into PEGGY’s world with “Flight Risk” – the feedback from a pilot’s intercom dissolves into a quirky beat topped off by twinkling piano and her magical voice. 


“It’s a song about air travel, but it’s all a metaphor for commitment issues and running away from people,” PEGGY explains.

She continues , “In society and just in general, I put on this face, and then when my full personality comes out, I’m always afraid it’s going be too much for somebody. If I’m getting too close to somebody in a way that it’s scary, I pull away.”

PEGGY draws inspiration for the incredibly creative official music video from the Talking Heads’ “And She Was,” infusing the visuals with a captivating blend of whimsy and nostalgia that pays homage to the iconic band’s groundbreaking style.

Stay tuned for more to come from PEGGY…