Indie Outfit Ten Kills the Pack Returns With Cutting New Single “God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics”

November 4, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Canadian indie-folk outfit Ten Kills the Pack returns with the cutting new single “God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics.” The rollicking track finds songwriter Sean Sroka at his most combative, opening up about his philosophical beliefs on social politics and manipulation through sarcastic quips and hard-hitting instrumentation.

Sroka elaborates on the song saying:

“As artists, we’re always finding the blend of the internal and external. This song swings towards the external while internally trying to find understanding. It’s about our collective state. Perspectives on how someone can become something they weren’t, their excuses, how they’re destructively and unknowingly influenced, how righteous they are but how wrong, how their belief in hate is more important than their needs, and how manipulated one can be for someone else’s direct gain…really, nothing new I suppose.”

The song follows in the vein of the recent release, Thank You For Trying: ACT I. The first in a two-part album, Sroka provides listeners with a gut-punch of emotions as he gets brutally honest about his mental anxieties, late-night wishes, and life on the road. It all comes together to tell the moving story of the artist’s journey through shades of dream-like elegies and grungy arrangements.

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Canadian Sean Sroka is the kind of self-deprecating singer-songwriter that pens his fears in a way that blends a punk rock ethos with the calm and kindness of folk. The frontman for indie outfit Ten Kills the Pack has become known for his confessional-style lyricism that explores the rough edges of the human condition.

Sroka approaches his life as a musician with a raw passion and sincere attitude that stems from his DIY days cutting his teeth in the music scene of his hometown Toronto or playing in his sludgy punk band around the city. His independence guided the 2019 full-length Force Majeure that zeroed in on the hustle and bustle of city life, a solitary, self-described “guy with guitar” effort recorded in apartments across Toronto. While follow-up Life, Death & Afterwards (2021), expanded his scope to focus on the cerebral and philosophical.

Now, with a more direct and unvarnished backdrop, Sroka scales the next level, developing a pack of homegrown demos into a symphonic whole colored by resonant harmonies, moonstruck keys, and gritty energy that juxtaposes the pretty and intricate details. Thank You For Trying: ACT I is out now via Nettwerk.


“With quivering, emotive vocals building slowly to an angelic climax, the track is carried by a soundscape of soft, sullen acoustics and rich bed of keyboards, while poetic song writing ties the transportive tale that’s simultaneously intimate and expansive.”

“…riveting… beautiful and evocative…”
Variance Magazine

“…poetic observations… poignant songcraft… with Sroka’s vocals gliding above the warm instrumentation. It all builds to a powerful emotive high as the layers of guitar enlace with bursts of trumpets, bringing the track to a climactic finish.”
Under the Radar

“…a powerful glimpse into the mind of the tortured artist whose thoughts can be shockingly familiar…”
Let’s Talk About Art Podcast

“…poignant, heartfelt, nostalgic, and relatable to all as the artist puts sparse, but vivid words to a familiar struggle for satisfaction, happiness, and contentment…”
– Atwood Magazine

“Sroka has established Ten Kills the Pack as a leading voice in modern folk music.”

“…exquisite… beautifully crafted…”

“…bringing together influences of classic 60s folk revival with a more contemporary almost-cinematic composition style…”
– Ear to the Ground Music