Indie-folk Singer Harrison Storm Discovers His Own Strength and Resilience in New Single “Stone”

September 1, 2023 BY Jason Currell

Indie-folk singer-songwriter Harrison Storm’s new single, “Stone,” strikes a chord as a heartfelt epiphany on reflection and resilience. Listen to the track, featuring haunting, emotional melodies about embracing solitude, HERE and watch the video HERE.

Storm wrote “Stone” in the worst part of Melbourne’s lockdowns, producing one of the heaviest moments on his forthcoming album. “At its peak, I could barely leave my house,” he says. “I was so anxious, and I had this epiphany that I really needed to work on it. The chorus is, ‘I’d rather be alone than together now,’ but for me, it’s not a negative thing. I need to be alone so I can have these reflections. I could’ve gone down such a negative spiral, but with the help around me I was able to be with it and nurture myself within it, so I could come out.”  

The album’s title, Wonder, Won’t You?, set for release on January 12th via Nettwerk, comes from a lyric in “Stone,” and for Storm, that line says it all: It’s his perspective on life, how he thinks, how he feels, and how he connects to the world. 

Wonder, Won’t You? is the beginning to a wondrous journey of unbridled introspection into the deepest crevices of his own heart and mind. The debut album is an invitation to join Storm on this adventure – to break down walls and open up. His vision comes to life through ten songs aching with raw emotion. Intimate and unabridged, the album sees Storm at his most vulnerable, his most sensitive, and his most human. These songs helped him work through his own struggles, and now he hopes they help others do the same. Harrison adds, “This collection of songs feels like it sums up the past few years for me as best I could. There’s a sprinkle of everything I’ve been through. Falling in love, facing and getting through mental health issues and ultimately striving to connect more with myself and the world. It’s been really healing to sit with these songs before I’ve shared them to the world as well, but I can’t wait for people to discover something through this album.” 

Wonder, Won’t You? Tracklist: 

  1. Warm A Cold Heart
  2. Stone
  3. My Way Home
  4. Daylight Sun
  5. In Good Time
  6. This Love
  7. Life Ain’t Ordinary
  8. The Wind And The Wild
  9. Tomorrow
  10. Better With You

About Harrison Storm   

Storm discovered music’s therapeutic powers at an early age. Growing up in a culture of toxic masculinity, he would listen to artists like City and Colour, Angus Stone, and Jeff Buckley and feel less isolated. Those musicians inspired Storm to pursue his own music career, and in 2015 he took to the streets in Melbourne to busk, where he made enough money to finance his debut EP Sense of Home. A record deal with Nettwerk soon followed, and over the course of the next seven years, Storm released four EPs: Change It All (2017), Falling Down (2019), Be Slow (2020), and Under Dusk (2022) – the latter a collaboration with Enna Blake. Storm’s songs have since racked up hundreds of millions of streams, with radio plays on Australia’s triple j and the UK’s BBC Radio 2. The song “Sense of Home” was certified Gold in Canada in 2020.