Indie Electronic Artist Mishegas (former Shallou band member) Shares “Sentir (Kareem Ali Remix);” Announces New EP, ‘Temporary Love Remixes’

April 8, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Mexico-born and Mexico City-based artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Emilio Quezada Ibañez, aka Mishegas, shares a new remix of “Sentir (Kareem Ali Remix)” from his upcoming follow-up EP Temporary Love Remixes out May 27th via Nettwerk. Rolling Stone named Kareem Ali’s 2020 EP G R O W T H one of the best albums of 2020. The EP also includes an unreleased remix of Emilio’s single “Untitled” by rising producer, Billy Lemos, who is known for his work with Still Woozy, Omar Apollo, and Rostam, and previously released remixes by il:lo and Kassian.

Emilio shares on the Kareem Ali “Sentir” remix, “Kareem Ali is an exciting and versatile artist with an incredible output. I love the house music he’s been making as of late. It’s never the same, always changing, experimenting, keeps me on my toes. I was incredibly excited to see what he could do with “Sentir.” And his spin added loads of energy while remaining true to the song’s roots.”


The remix EP is a reimagining of Mishegas’ November 2021 debut EP Temporary Love which was written while Quezada was living in Chicago and finished in his former home base of NYC. Emilio adds on Temporary Love, “This project came to life while thinking back on past experiences and periods of time in which you remember being extraordinarily happy and how overwhelming it can feel to suddenly realize how far removed or disconnected you feel from those experiences. It is about nostalgia and dealing with the conflicting emotions that it can bring.” 

Mishegas fills his songs with distinct noise, often piling effects on recorded instruments, field recordings, or samples, then tinkering with them—adding those textures and atmospheres—until they reach a point that he finds interesting. Many of his songs have come together by recording improvised guitar parts and then reversing those recordings, lending the song what he refers to as a “humanistic voice.” Quezada finds that this human quality can help the instrumental work tell an indirect story, wherein the songs reflect his own life.

Download “Sentir (Kareem Ali Remix) Single Art HERE

ABOUT MISHEGAS: Mishegas, a Yiddish word that can be interpreted as hectic, crazy, or eccentric – all terms used to describe elements of his sound – is a talented multi-hyphenate with backgrounds in film, sports, travel, design, and skincare content (he co-maintains the influential Dewy Dudes podcast and social media. He grew out of the Chicago scene, touring as part of Shallou’s live band before relocating to New York. He recently released remixes from the upcoming EP, the single “Feel It All” reimagined by Kassian and “Temporary Love” by il:lo.  He also did a remix for indie-pop artist Rosie Darling’s track “Heavy.” Having released a steady stream of acclaimed singles over the past few years, he is released his debut EP Temporary Love in November 2021. He now follows up with his latest upcoming release, Temporary Love; the remixes due May 2022.

ABOUT KAREEM ALI: Specializing in forward-thinking, space-age sounds, growing up, Kareem Ali wanted to be a rocket scientist. The New York-born, Phoenix-based never actually made it into the space program, but his passion for the cosmos remains intact—in fact, it’s at the core of his artistic vision. Future Black Music, We Are Stardust, Black Science…these are just a few of the 47 releases dropped in the past two years, each one mapping out a utopian future in which humanity, and Black people in particular—can finally carve out an existence that’s free of injustice and oppression.

Ali is a lot more concerned with unleashing his vivid imagination than fitting neatly into any particular genre box. Although late-night gems like “Night Echoes” have garnered the most attention—Pitchfork described it as “deep house at its most hypnotic and emotionally resonant.” Fueled by a tireless work ethic and a seemingly endless well of creativity, he’s found an audience and captured the attention of not just Pitchfork, but other media outlets like Bandcamp Daily and Rolling Stone, who named his G R O W T H LP one of the Best Albums of 2020. Other artists have also taken notice, as his tracks have been played and charted by the likes of Four Tet, Pete Tong, Bicep, Sherelle and, while none other than Caribou tapped Ali to appear on his recent Suddenly Remixes EP.

Kareem Ali Pictured Above; Photo Credit: Braylen Dion