Indie Electronic Artist Mishegas Announces His Debut EP       

October 27, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Mexico-born and New York City-based artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Emilio Quezada Ibañez, aka Mishegas, is excited to announce his long-awaited debut EP, Temporary Love (pre-save HERE), is set for release on November 12, 2021. The EP will feature his initial singles, “Untitled,” “Feel It All,” and “Temporary Love,” which already total over 2.5 million streams, as well as two unreleased tracks.  The five songs on the EP were written while Quezada was living in Chicago and were finished in his new home base of NYC. Emilio adds, “This project came to life while thinking back on past experiences and periods of time in which you remember being extraordinarily happy and how overwhelming it can feel to suddenly realize how far removed or disconnected you feel from those experiences. It is about nostalgia and dealing with the conflicting emotions that it can bring.” 

He fills his songs with distinct noise, often piling effects on recorded instruments, field recordings, or samples, then tinkering with them—adding those textures and atmospheres—until they reach a point that he finds interesting. Many of his songs have come together by recording improvised guitar parts and then reversing those recordings, lending the song what he refers to as a “humanistic voice.” Quezada finds that this human quality can help the instrumental work tell an indirect story, wherein the songs reflect his own life.

“With instrumental music, it’s really hard to get a point across; sometimes it’s almost impossible,” he says. “I’m happiest with my songs when I’m able to recreate the very specific mood I was in when they were made. Those elements make the songs into time capsules for me, and as soon as I hear what I layered in, it really brings me back to exactly what was going on at that time, be it a snapshot of a certain week or month.”​​​​​​​

Mishegas, a Yiddish word that can be interpreted as hectic, crazy, or eccentric – all terms used to describe elements of his sound – is a talented multi-hyphenate with backgrounds in film, sports, travel, design, and skincare content (he co-maintains the influential Dewy Dudes podcast and social media. He grew out of the Chicago scene, touring as part of Shallou’s live band before relocating to New York. He recently released remixes from the upcoming EP, the single “Feel It All” reimagined by Kassian and “Temporary Love” by il:lo.  He also did a remix for indie-pop artist Rosie Darling’s track “Heavy.” Having released a steady stream of acclaimed singles over the past few years, he is excited to finally release his debut EP.