Indie Disco Duo NEIL FRANCES Release Remix EP Featuring Jadu Heart, Ela Minus, Lau.ra & Masha Mar       

June 1, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Los Angeles duo Neil Frances (Jordan Feller and Marc Gilfry) tapped their friends Jadu HeartEla Minus, Lau.ra and Masha Mar to each remix their single, “Mr Blue,” off their March EP, Stay Strong Play Long. The resulting EP, Mr Blue Remixed, is out today.

The band explains why they chose each remixer:

Jadu Heart: “We were blown away when we heard Jadu Hearts interpretation of Mr Blue. Such a cool take on the song. You never quite know what people are going to create from your song parts but we definitely weren’t expecting this pixies-esq version.”

Ela Minus: “We discovered Ela Minus for the first time playing at Echo Park Rising where we were immediately captivated by her analog setup. It’s rare to find electronic artists using analog drum machines and synths live, and her set was pulled off with such finesse and her sounds were so good that we made a mental note to keep track of her career. If you haven’t listened to her album, do yourself a favor and have a listen through. It reveals gem after gem. She’s an amazing artist and producer!”

Masha Mar: “Masha is a highly sought-after DJ, producer, and promoter out here in Los Angeles. She is also our dear dear friend and we share a studio space. It’s a nice symbiotic relationship: we use her 808 and she uses our Juno. She comes from the world of left field, dark and weird dance music, disco, and deep cuts from the 80’s that you’ve never heard and will have no luck shazaaming. She has blessed us with this sunny and ephemeral take on the track, and we absolutely adore it.”

Lau.ra“We wanted a strictly club focused version of the song and our label suggested Lau.ra who sent back something that perfectly fit with the warehouse feeling we were after. She nailed this and we hope that we get that chance to play it at a sweaty, raging warehouse party in downtown LA sometime soon!”


Neil Frances formed in 2016, having both relocated to LA from London and New York, in pursuit of new projects. With Gilfry’s inherent knack for hooks and melodies and Feller’s encyclopedic sonic recall ability and vast knowledge of production, the pair hit it off and began to develop their brand of beat-driven pop ear worms infused with a more organic warmth than most modern electronic dance music. Putting special emphasis on their enthralling live sets—always performed with a multi-piece band and never relying on playback—the group quickly developed a reputation as a must-see stage artist. Soon their reputation as a diverse act with a wide range of talents began to build among listeners of all kinds. Their 2018 debut EP, Took A While, with its blend of psychedelic rhythms, vibe-y, infectious grooves, and raw, funky spirit put Neil Frances firmly on the map and propelled them to tour slots with Jungle and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The Their latest EP, Stay Strong Play Long, has already garnered praise from Under The Radar, KCRW, Magnetic, Collide, Indie Shuffle, and more.