Hyper Pop Artist Danny Dwyer Shares Video-Game Inspired Single “Mortal Kombat,” ‘Losers’ Double EP out October 7 

August 26, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today Hyper-pop R&B artist Danny Dwyer shares his new single, “Mortal Kombat,”a track that uses sadness as an engine with euphoria paired with a visually hypnotizing video that roars through emotion with every shotMortal Kombat” follows “Disbeliever” along with the Los Angeles-based artist and producers’ recent 2022 singles, “A.P.C’s,” “Summertime” and “Asthma.” Not to mention, fresh off these singles, Danny was picked by Hypebeast as one of the “10 Artists To Discover This Season.”

When asked about the new track Danny adds, “I wrote Mortal Kombat while I was in the midst of a pretty grueling breakup. It really centers around the reality of 2 people growing apart naturally but doing everything in their power to fight that to stay together. The crippling anxiety and depression that comes alongside a co-dependent relationship being challenged. I think the “torn in half” is a reference to wanting to keep pretending to be the person that you were when the relationship began but feeling pulled towards your new self. It touches on the guilt of not being ready to be fully honest and cut ties. To me, this song exists right at the breaking point of this Dilemma.”



Mortal Kombat” is the fifth single off the anti-pop artist and producer’s upcoming debut double EP, Losers, an emotional portrayal of liberated youth that will be released on October 7, 2022. The EP is a love letter and a goodbye note to his rural stomping grounds of the Midwest. “I used to feel the need to exploit as much as possible from any opportunity,” Danny says of the way LA twisted him. “Now I want to work on my bike and make sense of where I come from and where I am. All of these things I’ve compartmentalized for so long are now colliding.” The result is a collection of coming-of-age songs that have one foot in Friday Night Lights and another in Harmony Korine’s Kids.

Every Danny Dwyer song starts with him screaming at a wall. With roots in hip hop and alternative rock, the Missouri-born, LA-based artist-producer grew up balancing his time between dirt bikes, guitars, and Ableton. After racking up streams during SoundCloud’s golden era, his heat-seeking ears brought him big league attention and a one-way ticket to Hollywood. There he holed up in a downtown loft and threw his mad scientist mind at every DAW and instrument within striking distance. Danny has already been featured in playlists such as Spotify’s Lorem, Mellow Morning, Mellow Mood, Fresh Finds and Alternative R&B, and Apple’s INDIY, Day One, and has recently collaborated with Billy Lemos, RAC, Maria Isabel, Benny Sings, and MILK.