Hyper Pop Artist Danny Dwyer Shares Glitchy New Single “Summertime” 

March 7, 2022 BY Jason Currell

Today, Danny Dwyer shares his latest single, “Summertime,” a hyper-pop anthem that tackles heartbreak head on. Danny explains, “It is a song from the last moments of a breakup. It’s the denial that comes right before acceptance. It’s staying up all night replaying the memories in your head and knowing you will never feel those things again. It’s calling out praying it could change but knowing that’s not what’s best for either of you. It’s also about guilt, I was thinking a lot about that poem ‘the tell tale heart’ when I made this where the guy thinks he hears the heartbeat of someone he murdered under the floorboards. I’ve experienced a lot of guilt when relationships change and I blame myself for not being able to control how I feel. This always creates a vicious cycle and I think this song is where that cycle spirals out of control.”


With roots in hip hop and alternative rock, the Missouri-born, LA-based artist-producer grew up balancing his time between dirt bikes, guitars, and Ableton. After racking up streams during SoundCloud’s golden era, his heat-seeking ears brought him big league attention and a one-way ticket to Hollywood. There he holed up in a downtown loft and threw his mad scientist mind at every DAW and instrument within striking distance. Danny has already been featured in playlists such as Spotify’s Lorem, Mellow Morning, Mellow Mood, Fresh Finds and Alternative R&B, and Apple’s INDIY, Day One, and has recently collaborated with Billy Lemos, RAC, Maria Isabel, Benny Sings, and MILK.