Hein Cooper ‘Turbulent Heart’ EP Out Now

August 13, 2021 BY Nettwerk



Meeting the love of your life is a transformative experience. This life-changing feeling — and all of the changes that come with it — is what Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter Hein Cooper explores on his latest EP, Turbulent Heart (out now via Nettwerk Records).

The EP is a collection of songs framed in folk with a clear pop sensibility. Hein had this to say about the EP: “the world is changing; people are yearning for something real. I can feel it, and these songs were my process of shedding those older versions of myself I couldn’t deal with anymore! In particular, I’m celebrating the real love I share with my wife and the journey I’ve been on for the last three years, letting go of those things that I felt I had to be to succeed as an artist. Now I’m just aiming to land on who I want to be personally and letting that reflect! It’s been a turbulent journey all centered around the heart, so I thought ‘Turbulent Heart’ was an appropriate title!

Recording the EP with producer Jarryd Shuker in Montreal, where Cooper also met his wife, the multi-instrumentalist has reached a place where he’s ready to share every aspect of his being with another person. By doing that, he’s able to be more purposeful and intentional in his everyday life. As well, by being true to someone else, he can be more faithful to himself.

In addition to themes around commitment, Cooper’s love of classic literature shows up again and again, with references to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in songs like the previously released singles “Higher” and title track “Turbulent Heart,” respectively.

As part of today’s release, Hein shares “Our Time,” a communal call to “get together and rise up to the challenges of today’s world.” Hein adds, “this is one of the last additions to the record. I wrote the chords and melody in Paris with some friends but had no idea where to go with it until earlier this year. I heard a lot of music on the radio saying things like: ‘You can’t hurt me,’ ‘I’m already numb,’ and the usual self-destructive words of a culture that’s suffering and given up on itself in a way. I felt inspired to write a response.”

Listen to Turbulent Heart here: https://hein.ffm.to/turbulentheart-ep.

Track List:

1. Turbulent Heart

2. Pretend

3. Higher

4. Our Time

5. Sandstorm