Hein Cooper Shares ‘True To You’ (Album Out Now)       

February 1, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter Hein Cooper shares his latest album True To You (out now via Nettwerk Records).

Recorded with producer Jarryd Shuker in Montreal, where Cooper also met his wife, True To You has a double meaning. On the one hand, the multi-instrumentalist has reached a place where he’s ready to share every aspect of his being with another person. By doing that, Hein’s able to be more purposeful and intentional in his everyday life. By being true to someone else, he can be more faithful to himself.

All of a sudden, I found myself in a position where I was like, ‘Oh, I can’t be weak anymore. Because now I’m living so close to someone who I love,” Cooper says. “I can’t just ignore all of my flaws to keep up this idea in my mind of what I have to be. I think it’s crazy that life puts you in those positions where it gives you the things you love. And then, all of a sudden, to flourish, you have to change. And this record is all about embodying that change.

So many songs out there these days are saying the same thing: ‘I will never trust you/all I need is myself, money and distraction,'” Cooper continues. “I feel proud to be singing the opposite. I think that when people work on being good to each other, life becomes a beautiful dream.”

Hein shares the official music video for the latest single, “Everyday.” “Everyday is a straightforward and direct love song that I found intimidating at first. Usually, in the past, I’ve hidden behind being poetic and cryptic to stay ‘cool,’ but as I’ve grown older, I’ve found that if you have something to say, then there is no better way than to be clear about it….this is an ode to that. It was also nice to create something stylistically that I was first inspired to make as a teenager right at the start of my musical journey. Folk is at my roots and will always come most naturally to me.

Watch “Only” Official Music Video Here: https://youtu.be/6WiPe1rmRtA

Immense change has been at the forefront of Cooper’s life for a minute now. Living in the French-Canadian city for the last three years, Cooper and his partner (also Australian) moved back to his hometown, where he works on his brother’s organic farm. Cooper also embraced new professional opportunities, teaming with a new label and management to back his latest release. On top of that, he recently married his partner, Ebony, to whom True To You is unambiguously dedicated.

The album is available at all digital retailers here: https://hein.ffm.to/truetoyou.

Track List:

  1. Only
  2. Glory
  3. Turbulent Heart
  4. All For Nothing
  5. Lo Lite
  6. This Distance
  7. Everyday
  8. The One
  9. Our Time
  10. Pretend
  11. All Your Love
  12. Wonder
  13. Higher
  14. Sandstorm
Album Artwork | Download HERE