Hein Cooper Shares Official Music Video For “Glory”; Watch Here

September 24, 2021 BY Nettwerk


Out today (via Nettwerk Records), Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter Hein Cooper shares the official music video for the anthemic track “Glory,” where Cooper considers his life’s deeper purpose and lets it wash over him. “I’ve always been inspired by nature; its complexity, its balance, and its ability to last forever. For the video, I wanted to show the journey of my alter ego (Shane Hooper) as he discovers through his suffering within society (he’s a sales rep) the joys and deeper purposes of nature,” says Cooper.

Directed by his partner and artist Wolfe Black, the playful video takes a moment to showcase Nuragunyu, an Australian Aboriginal cultural teaching, and enrichment program that offers education, workshops, performances, and cultural ceremonies. During the video, Cooper plants a tree on a property owned by Aboriginal elder, Noel Butler. Once a community center and school to teach about aboriginal culture (including a camp for kids), the property was completely lost during the 2019-20 bushfires. “While growing up, I was lucky enough to spend some time with Noel,” says Cooper. “Early on, Noel showed my brother and me different edible plants around his property that ran wild alongside a diversity of native plants and animals. He ran us through the deeper meanings of everything. And rather than being gimmicky, we talked about how to tap into the energy of our natural surroundings and that true meaning and peace are found in maintaining these processes. It was completely different from anything I’d been taught in school and it really stuck with me.

Nuragunyu is currently in the process of replanting and regenerating the land. “Noel’s property was heavily impacted by the fires in 2020 so I also wanted to show how much has come back to life since then. So, I asked if we could include a moment where Shane (after his meltdown) visits the property to help plant trees and connect. We ended up being in the right spot at the right time and captured some footage patting the kangaroos there and even a beautiful young joey! It’s never too late and I think there is so much knowledge hidden in these native cultures that can really help us as people find meaning and stability. It’s a wild world after all so why not embrace it and unlock the instinct and wildness in ourselves.