Hein Cooper Shares Details Of ‘Turbulent Heart’ EP; Watch The Official Music Video For Title Track Here

July 2, 2021 BY Nettwerk

Meeting the love of your life is a transformative experience. This life-changing feeling — and all of the changes that come with it — is what Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter Hein Cooper explores on his forthcoming EP Turbulent Heart (out August 13 via Nettwerk Records).

This was one of the last songs to be added to the EP. I was on a plane from somewhere to somewhere and freaked out over some turbulence and thought ‘turbulent heart’ had a ring to it. I had it there in my iPhone notes for a while before I knew where to go with it until my wife showed me a live performance of Aretha Franklin on YouTube, and I was in tears. It was such a sensitive moment to share that I ended up basing the song around that feeling. It’s a celebration of getting through struggles together and staying in the heart of things,” says Hein.

Recording the EP with producer Jarryd Shuker in Montreal, where Cooper also met his wife, the multi-instrumentalist has reached a place where he’s ready to share every aspect of his being with another person. By doing that, he’s able to be more purposeful and intentional in his everyday life. As well, by being true to someone else, he can be more faithful to himself.

In addition to themes around commitment, Cooper’s love of classic literature shows up again and again, with references to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in songs like previously released “Higher” and the title track and latest single “Turbulent Heart,” respectively.

The “Turbulent Heart” official music video is co-directed by Hein’s wife/artist Ebony Cooper and Sydney-based photographer/director Billy Zammit. “I remember when Ebony came up with the idea when we were living in Montreal, and I had just recorded the track. All these classic Australian stereotypes are singing along to the song while driving (unknowingly) to an RSL [Returned & Services League of Australia] to play drag queen bingo sounded like such a great idea. Then we realized it would be tricky, but Ebony made it happen through countless reaching out to people and coordinating locations and planning. When we finally pulled it off, I was so grateful and relieved to everyone who gave their own time to be there, especially to Eb! She came up with the concept, directed it, and organized the whole thing with the help of Billy and a few other great people,” says Hein.

The EP is a collection of songs framed in folk with a clear pop sensibility. To pre-save Turbulent Heart, click here: https://hein.ffm.to/turbulentheart-ep.

Track List:

1. Turbulent Heart

2. Pretend

3. Higher

4. Our Time

5. Sandstorm