Harrison Storm Shares ‘Be Slow’ EP (Out Today); Listen To Latest Offering “With You” 

December 4, 2020 BY Nettwerk


Today, Australian singer-songwriter Harrison Storm shares “With You,” the latest single from his new EP Be Slow, out now via Nettwerk Records.

Talking about the track and its lyrics, Harrison says: “This is a simple love song, an unusual release for me, but it holds a very special place in my journey. It is the most recent song to be written on the EP and signals a big life change for me. Sonically it’s spacious and dreamy, which is a direct relation to the feeling I had when I wrote it.”

Written and recorded in the UK & Australia, the EP is a 5-track offering of encouragement and clarity in love-loss told through tender, introspective lyricism paired with expansive, inspiring, and beautifully composed soundscapes. The EP includes the title track “Be Slow,” as well as previously released singles: the intoxicating “You & I,” the recently released “Sea and Fire,” and the indie-pop anthem “Breathe Again,” which earned a spot on 18 Spotify New Music Friday playlists.

Harrison worked with producers Nick Atkinson and Edd Holloway (produced and co-wrote Lewis Capaldi’s Top 10 hit “Grace”) in their converted barn studio in the English countryside, before returning home to Australia to complete the EP with long-time collaborator and friend Hayden Calnin. “This collection of songs is something I’m really proud of. For me, it covers moments scattered over the past few years, moments that have been defining and pave the way for a new space I feel I’m moving into. There seems to have been a real cleansing emotionally through these songs and I’m starting to become really wide-eyed and excited for what lies ahead. I hope people can connect with these songs in a way I connected with myself writing them,” explains Harrison.

In a sort of mini-documentary form, Harrison shares his thoughts and feelings on creativity, songwriting, and the EP process in a 3-minute clip.  Watch below.

Over the past few years, Harrison Storm has crafted a singular style, merging classically-inspired fingerpicking and sophisticated lyrics with a rich and soulful vocal delivery that is both intimate and explosive. A born troubadour, Harrison traded college for busking in Melbourne. The fruits of his impromptu performances financed the 2015 debut EP, Sense of Home. The latter yielded a worldwide hit as Sense of Home generated 70 million+ Spotify streams and counting. Signed to Nettwerk, he unveiled the Change It All EP two years later and notched another hit in the form of the title track, which racked up over 40 million Spotify streams. Along the way, he occupied real estate on coveted playlists such as ‘Your Favorite Coffeehouse,’ ‘Relax & Unwind,’ ‘The Stress Buster,’ and more as the total stream tally exceeded 200 million and counting.

The EP is a skillfully-crafted musical gem that shares a painful yet sobering reflection of love and loss with emotional honesty and sharply observed lyrics that have come to define Harrison’s innate ability to paint a picture that instantly connects with the human soul.

To order the EP, please visit https://harrisonstorm.ffm.to/beslowep.

Track List:

  1. With You
  2. Be Slow
  3. Breathe Again
  4. Sea and Fire
  5. You & I