Harrison Storm and Enna Blake Share “Eyes Wide”

November 12, 2021 BY Nettwerk


A collaboration born out of a developing friendship, self-growth, and a global pandemic. Singer-songwriters Harrison Storm and Enna Blake found themselves living and creating together in an artistic share-house by the ocean throughout the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Being by the sea and in lockdown, the distractions of everyday life drew to a halt and created a deep, quiet space for reflection about the way we live.

“It was a great challenge artistically, to have limited resources and still create. We were very fortunate to be living in such a beautiful area,” Harrison explains.

Out today, the duo shares “Eyes Wide” a beautiful indie-folk track about finding connection. “Harrison came to me with this budding idea for a song that he was stuck with,” explains Enna. “What stood out to me, in particular, was this lyric he had written ‘Will my roses come up?’ This image of someone sitting there waiting for roses to grow really stuck with me. It was a big part of the inspiration for what the song grew into, which is really about the struggle to find your own happiness, your own path. This duality of being active and planting your seeds, watering your roses, while sitting back and letting them grow.

It was a time of significant change, both personally and as artists. The pair studied an acting, voice, and well-being method called PEM (Perdekamp Emotional Method). which inspired both artists to work actively on their mental health and emotional well-being. As they supported each other through these changes, part of this process evolved into playing music together, and it slowly uncovered a candid and organic songwriting partnership that echoed their new friendship. Harrison adds, “the writing and recording of ‘Under Dusk’ was one of the more interesting processes I’ve experienced as an artist. It was a beautiful learning curve in letting go from a creative perspective and sharing those decisions with someone else equally instead of having all that weight on your shoulders as a solo act. There was real and honest chemistry in the studio working with Enna and our producer Matt Redlich (The Paper Kites, Holy Holy) that I believe translates into the song.”

“Eyes Wide” is available at all digital retailers, click here: https://harrisonstorm.ffm.to/eyeswide.