Harrison Storm and Enna Blake Collaborate On “Under Dusk”

September 30, 2021 BY Nettwerk

A collaboration born out of a developing friendship, self-growth, and a global pandemic. Singer-songwriters Harrison Storm and Enna Blake found themselves living and creating together in an artistic share-house by the ocean throughout the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021. Being by the sea and in lockdown, the distractions of everyday life drew to a halt and created a deep, quiet space for reflection about the way we live. This energy seeps into their new track, “Under Dusk,” which is the first track from a four-song EP dedicated to growth and change – on a personal and global level.

“It was a great challenge artistically, to have limited resources and still create. We were very fortunate to be living in such a beautiful area,” Harrison explains.

With a lot of downtime on their hands, the pair reflected on what was happening in their personal lives and around the world. This reflection evolved into playing music together, and it slowly uncovered a candid and organic songwriting partnership that echoed their new friendship.

We had no intention of writing songs with a particular goal in mind. We were trying to process what was happening around us, and music felt like the best way for both of us to do so,” adds Enna.

It was a time of significant change, both personally and as artists. The pair studied an acting, voice, and well-being method called PEM (Perdekamp Emotional Method). Both artists worked actively on their mental health and emotional well-being and supported each other through these changes. “Under Dusk” is the first song they started writing together, and it came out of what they were going through as individuals.

It’s interesting what happens when we stop. Without all the distractions of everyday life, lockdown made it obvious what’s underneath the surface for many people. I think for some, it’s been quite painful and confronting. ‘Under Dusk’ was born out of that revelation and the support you need when you choose to change. I hope it will give people solace and help them to find the courage to work through what they need to,” explains Enna.

Harrison adds, “the writing and recording of ‘Under Dusk’ was one of the more interesting processes I’ve experienced as an artist. It was a beautiful learning curve in letting go from a creative perspective and sharing those decisions with someone else equally instead of having all that weight on your shoulders as a solo act. There was real and honest chemistry in the studio working with Enna and our producer Matt Redlich (The Paper Kites, Holy Holy) that I believe translates into the song.”

“Under Dusk” is available at digital retailers, click here: https://harrisonstorm.ffm.to/ennablakeunderdusk. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

About Harrison Storm

A prolific indie-folk singer-songwriter, Harrison’s catalog has already amassed 220+ million combined streams on Spotify. From his debut EP Sense of Home to last year’s Be Slow EP, Harrison’s poignant lyrics and expansive arrangements allow the listener to instantly feel the innate honesty of his music. This honesty and emotional intelligence have led to fans around the world, as well as placement on the most coveted Spotify playlists (Your Favourite Coffeehouse, Relax & Unwind, The Stress Buster). With a charismatic stage presence, Storm has also made a name for himself, performing alongside Ziggy Alberts, Snow Patrol, The Paper Kites, Gregory Alan Isakov, SYML, Tash Sultana, Michael Franti, The Cat Empire, Husky and more. Simultaneously, Harrison has received radio support from tastemaker stations like Triple J, BBC Radio 2, KCRW, and SiriusXM. His music has been licensed to TV networks like NBC (“The Blacklist,” “This Is Us”), MTV (“Teen Mom”), ABC (“American Idol”), Hulu (“Love, Victor”), CBS, and more.

About Enna Blake

Enna Blake is an emerging singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Growing up playing the cello and guitar, Enna grew up surrounded by music and influenced by artists such as The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Ella Fitzgerald, Daughter, Bon Iver, and Matt Corby. With a background in acting and a fierce interest in giving real value through different art forms, she is now moving towards life as a musician, writer, and coach of the Perdekamp Emotional Method. “Under Dusk” is her debut single.