Harrison Brome Shares ‘Strange’ EP (Out Now Via Nettwerk) 

June 17, 2022 BY Penny Palmer

Today, Harrison Brome shares his latest EP, Strange. The five-track EP is a body of work that establishes Harrison as a pop savant of seemingly limitless ideology and no shortage of innovative reference points. Smart, strange, and strikingly indelible, it’s another fascinating next step from an artist who’s never stopped looking forward.

With the EP release, Harrison shares the title track “Strange.” “There was a lot of addiction in the area where I was recording in Vancouver,” says Harrison. “I wanted to capture a glimpse of what being in the shoes of an individual suffering from addiction could look like.

In 2018, Harrison spent some time writing and recording in a shipping container converted into a music studio. “‘ Strange’ was one of the songs that came out of those recording sessions.” Adding, “I brought Davey Badiuk with me to come up with some new music. There wasn’t a lot of recording equipment in the studio we were working out of, so I got in touch with a friend who lent me some of his analog synths and drum machines. I was feeling inspired by a lot of 80’s alt-rock, listening to Tears For Fears and Talking Heads. This was the first song I made that I felt like releasing after taking a hiatus from making music.”

Many people describe music as a lifeline — but few mean it in the way that Harrison Brome does. Music has been integral to the life of the 25-year-old producer, songwriter, and vocalist since he found out he had dyslexia at an extremely early age. Struggling with reading and writing at a young age, Harrison’s mother bought him a karaoke machine; singing words and reading while he sang became integral to managing his dyslexia.

Strange — with its R&B classicism and rough-hewn, ingratiating indie-pop production — connects. To order the EP, click HERE.

Track List:

1. Coconut Cream
2. Freak
3. Strange
4. Unseen
5. Gone

EP Art | Download HERE