GUSTER Shares Short Documentary Called ‘Things Come Around’

March 30, 2021 BY Nettwerk



What happens to a business that’s based on gathering large amounts of people in small spaces?

Filmed in the days leading up to their August 15, 2021, drive-in concerts, Things Come Around shows the struggles, doubts, and financial realities of four bandmates and business owners as they confront a new world. It hides no awkwardness, no drama, no emotion, and no bullshit. At the same time and with equal honesty, it finds and focuses on the moments of laughter and joy, large and small, that always present themselves. It captures a portrait of the community and the connection of a long-locked-down fanbase—desperate to feel a sense of brotherhood—at the moment it’s finally allowed to re-emerge and re-engage. It celebrates people being people.

We are four owners with four points of view, not just one business. At the same time, the business is how the four of us make a living.” – Adam Gardner

Band members Ryan Miller and Adam Gardner appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Alley yesterday to discuss the film and the new realities facing touring musicians.

Guster has spent the past 20+ creating enduring, quirky alternative rock songs like “Overexcited,” “Amsterdam,” “Satellite,” and “Do You Love Me.” Guster has sold over one million records throughout their career. Their newest album, Look Alive, was released on Ocho Mule / Nettwerk Records.

The twenty-minute film is available now on the band’s website and YouTube channel.